Another Bank Holiday – HURRAY !!!!

Well, there goes yet another bank holiday – gone and lost forever…

The weekend has zipped by – Vicky and Simon went with David and Julie to the Kaiser Chiefs gig at the Leeds United football ground on Saturday, and while I think it fair to say we had not really heard many of their tunes before, the atmosphere really was electric and it was great to have experienced it.

The shocker for Simon was the amount of liquid (David explained that it was urine – and while Simon tends not to believe it, the alternative is beer, so they both smell the same (to aide those who are thinking, “eh how can you compare urine with beer” – the beer was Carlsberg …)) that was being thrown over the crowd by the crowd.  We all know Simon is a bit of a pussy, but this is one part of the event that he will not be wanting to have to take onboard again 🙁

The final laughter was the hour it almost took to get out of the car park, where David finally jumped out of the car (in his intoxicated state) to stop the traffic in a bid to assist a young lady get her “huge” Vauxhall Corsa out of the large gap that was in front of her ( she seemed to be far too frightened to drive into it and as the trucks drove over the same spot moments later it was clear that there was no huge hole that she “might” fall into 🙂 ).  Even the damned trucks carrying the portaloos got out before us….

A great day and night topped off with a cheeky McDonalds on the way home.

Monday = house hunting with Dave – plenty to be seen and some fab looking apartments in Pontefract seem to be where the final conclusion is coming to.

Fun and games at bedtime…

Ever since Sunday night we have begun a battle at bed time – i.e. Elliot knows that he can simply climb out of bed and wander back out of his room.  OK, so the safety gate prevents him from escaping his room (presently) but does not prevent him from screaming downstairs for somebody to release him from the confines of his bedroom.  last night was a better night where he only required asking twice to stop screaming and that relaxing was required in order to look forwards to a great new day tomorrow – OK, so he didn’t really care about any of that but at least the screaming was reduced to whinging.

What we now know is that while he can get out of bed, he has not yet figured how he gets back in again to go to sleep – so last night he was found scrunched up cuddling his blanket (sorry, ba bye) asleep on the floor by his wardrobes (next the the radiator).  It has been since pointed out that if the baby is found cuddling up to the radiator, then maybe, just maybe we should have the heating on 🙂 Great comment and almost funny….

So, we picked him up, popped him back in his cot and away we go.  Question now is, how we train him how to get back in to bed….

The little monkey can get out of his cot…

It was Saturday, 7:58am and we were in bed wishing for more time before we had to get up – not today the decorator was coming and we still needed to get the rooms ready 🙁

Elliot could be heard through the monitor chattering away to himself in his room.

Then he said very clearly “Mama, Dada” – this time it seemed awfully close, as if he were in the same room as us – we looked up and….. oh my …. he WAS in the same room as us.  Stunned we put him back in the cot (not to his pleasure, believe me…) to see if he would show us how he got out – no worries, he delivered a stunningly quick demo and ran off down the corridor laughing to himself….

OK, so we have now taken the cot apart and removed one side from it, and replaced it with a little Tomy guard that is to prevent him from falling out of bed at night while he sleeps.  This way he can get out without actually hurting himself – not that he did on either of the goes he had thus far, but you know how it is – next time will be the time the head lands first….. 🙁

OK, so the lounge is now decorated with a “feature wall” as Vicky continues to call it – it looks fab, with just one issue – the curtains now looks like they match as well as curtains in a students house 🙁 New curtains are now being researched – Simon wonders whether the curtains had already been ordered and the “oh, it doesn’t really look good does it” had been a well rehearsed sales pitch…..

And for those who know the deckit man – Jack (the decorator) was a less lardy version of the famous deckit man of 25+ years ago….

STOP PRESS – while Simon has been writing this blog, Elliot has half emptied a carton of talcum powder over himself and in a comedy way – the dog 🙂 Laugh, Simon just nigh on wet himself with laughter – very very funny sight – don’t think that the pictures will look close to being as funny as the real sight was…

Floor done, what’s next ?

The flooring is done and now all skirting boards finished off and filled etc it looks awesome.  If I could be bothered to get out the camera I would photograph it but let’s be honest, that is just plain sad,

Now, if anybody out there is considering the acquisition of a Sony PS3 games console, do not waste your time thinking about it – just go and buy one.  They are simply the coolest machine ever.  Gran Turismo 5 is an awesomely well put together game – so well put together that the remaining three games are still in their boxes… 🙂

We were in search of a TV cabinet for the lounge at the weekend, and ended up buying a suite for the conservatory (that we have not yet got – more about in a mo) the TV cabinet and THEN started looking at small LCD TV’;s for the conservatory also.  Typically, once you have expereienced 1080p gaming on a nice LCD, nothing else is good enough – so we will be in search of a 32″ LCD in the next few weeks – it is really going to have to deliver 1080p to gain wall space in the house 🙂

Simon spoke with the conservatory people today and found that we are looking to get the planning info back on the 15th July and then work can commence on building – you never know, we *may* be in place for Elliot’s 2nd birthday !!


Wow – a whole week of 24+ degrees C – let’s hope that this is NOT the hot week of the year … 🙂

Well, the new flooring in the downstairs of ForkHall is now half complete and it looks amazing.  Apparently the amount of dust that was created was ridiculous and kept Vicky and Elliot busy all day yesterday 🙁

Hopefully, we will all be finished today including skirting boards going back on, and who knows we may even get to go look for some new furniture for the lounge.  All we need now is a big conservatory to house all of Elliot’s stuff – it is currently filling the Dining Room and spilling out into the kitchen….

Well the internet feed seems to have flattened out at about 3Mb – the engineer reckoned we should be in for around 6Mb, but the service provider seems adamant that the 3Mb is the best that we can get and that they do not have any artificial clamping going on – we are not so sure however…. Whichever way we look at it, we are online and have a good service again – the downside is that we now KNOW that BT as a service provider are not great – they took 5 weeks to get an engineer out – he diagnosed and fixed the issue in under 2 hours…