Another Bank Holiday – HURRAY !!!!

Well, there goes yet another bank holiday – gone and lost forever…

The weekend has zipped by – Vicky and Simon went with David and Julie to the Kaiser Chiefs gig at the Leeds United football ground on Saturday, and while I think it fair to say we had not really heard many of their tunes before, the atmosphere really was electric and it was great to have experienced it.

The shocker for Simon was the amount of liquid (David explained that it was urine – and while Simon tends not to believe it, the alternative is beer, so they both smell the same (to aide those who are thinking, “eh how can you compare urine with beer” – the beer was Carlsberg …)) that was being thrown over the crowd by the crowd.  We all know Simon is a bit of a pussy, but this is one part of the event that he will not be wanting to have to take onboard again 🙁

The final laughter was the hour it almost took to get out of the car park, where David finally jumped out of the car (in his intoxicated state) to stop the traffic in a bid to assist a young lady get her “huge” Vauxhall Corsa out of the large gap that was in front of her ( she seemed to be far too frightened to drive into it and as the trucks drove over the same spot moments later it was clear that there was no huge hole that she “might” fall into 🙂 ).  Even the damned trucks carrying the portaloos got out before us….

A great day and night topped off with a cheeky McDonalds on the way home.

Monday = house hunting with Dave – plenty to be seen and some fab looking apartments in Pontefract seem to be where the final conclusion is coming to.

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