What did you say?

Simon went for a hearing tear today following Vicky badgering about it – apparently he must be going deaf since he doesn’t listen…. 👂 👂

So the verdict is as follows:

Both ears are in good condition and there is nothing wrong with the hearing in either of them – they fall right inside the parameters of “good hearing”….

So, he needs to find a new excuse…..

Big Internet Day @ home

Hopefully today is the day that we receive upgraded internet here at home that can eep up with the needs of the household.

With living in a countryside environment, our broadband connection has never been that great and really suffered when the weather turns.

OpenReach have used our village as a test bed to trial Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) to be available in all homes and finally we are ready to make use of it.

The order was made on December 22 and today is installation day.

We should be treated (by tomorrow morning) to around 300Mb download speeds and 50mb upload speeds – a significant upgrade on our average 20mb down and 5 up that we are presently receiving. Well that and hopefully the complete removal of the dead times when we seemingly receive nothing much at all….

Hoping that we will be reporting good internet speeds and availability in the hours / day to come.

Fingers crossed 🤞

Fibre to the Premises….

We have just this morning been able to place an order for upgraded internet connectivity here at home 🙂

OpenReach have been working in Floxkton for the last few months to enable the whole village to be able to take advantage of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) which will effectively enable the households to have up to 1gb/s download speeds.

With BT, we have been able to order Fibre 250 which will give us up to 330mb down and 50mb up – this will be a HUGE difference to our current setup we hope 🙂

It will be installed on Jan 3rd hopefully and on the 4th, we should be taking advantage of the new power 🙂

The second best but is that it is actually cheaper each month than our current setup with BT 👌

Yesterday Oliver was hung like a horse…..

We (Mum and Dad) we’re understandably stunned and immediately asked him to repeat what he said….

He did so the next question was, what do you mean, stifling our laughter as we did.

Oliver explained that he was so hungry that he could eat a horse – hence he was hung like a horse…..


He is now fully aware of what hung like a horse really means – embarrassed doesn’t quite cut how he was for the next few minutes….

A funny moment for us, that is for sure.