Elliot and Simon joined the Axiologik walking group on a walk over in Malham yesterday. We were prepared for a very rainy day and were NOT prepared for the glorious sunshine that we actually got…

It was a terrifically sunny day, culminating in a few hours in a lovely pub in Malham village where we all realised the sunburn would be very real later….

Long journey but a good first day it seems

Elliot arrived in Cape Town, 24 hours after leaving the house. They are only 1 hour ahead of us in the UK, so the big flight was essentially through the night (almost 11 hours).

Rather frustratingly, he was awarded a centre seat with little legroom so apparently did not get a great deal of sleep. That and the fact that they went straight into a South African rugby training session was a winner 🙂

Anyway, says he has had a great first day and managed to get a little sunburn on his neck – dipstick