We escaped a sinking ship….

Today, we visited Escape Hunt in Leeds and took on Black Beard’s sinking galleon. It was a whole load of fun and all four of us brought value to the game in that if any one of us was not there, we would not have escaped 🙂

The boys really enjoyed it and were totally in the thick of it – Olly right from the off as he found the first key and Elliot as he figured out how to get us into the second room (Black Beard’s Office) – something that the rest of us were stumped on.

There was a need to find some clues in the office that were definitely challenging but between us we figured it out – Olly struck gold again when he noticed that the paintings on the wall showed us something about the room that wasn’t quite in place – when he made it so,we got the final clue 

We really struggled with one piece that was about a keyboard – it took us 10 minutes to figure out and together with some help from our assistant, we nailed it and ultimately finished in 56 minutes and 10 seconds so thankfully we were saved from certain drowning ‍♂️

Rain, Thunder, Lightning and Leaks :-(

Wow. Storm Ciara is showing us all what Mother Nature has at her disposal. There was a little wind overnight but nothing to overshadow that which we have experienced in the last 10 days in fairness.

But then, at 8am, it started raining and soon after, as we were lazing in bed contemplating getting up for the gym, we heard that lovely noise of water dripping onto carpet 💧 💧 🙁

We quickly setup some collection devices and let them protect the flooring…

Out to the gym – the boys were naturally delighted – to find a river running down Clough Road and the corner being 6″ of river rapids 🙁 wow in just 2 hours….

Then the dip in the road between Flockton and Grange Moor was flooded with around 1ft of water. A BMW had sadly expired in the water but thankfully Vicky car can manage 2 feet of water so we pushed on.

When we came out of the gym, the rains was persisting so we did not go back home via Grange Moor (that road would have been properly closed by the Police) but we did find two other lakes of around 9″ to traverse on the way through Emley.

A home day it was to be – this time the boys really were delighted 😁

The sun came out and we had blue skies until around 4pm, where the darkness once again descended into us and shortly after was when the thunder and lightning kicked in for about 30 mins.

The carpet protection system is likely to be required overnight as the rain is not due to stop until after a couple of days – we are A OK so long as the wind doesn’t lift – it is essentially driving the rain horizontally and hence going straight up under the roof slates and then down into the house via the beams….

Fun and games for a few days we think….

We hope everyone out there is safe and out of the dangers that Mother Nature brings every now and then – thinking specifically of those in Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge and Sowerby Bridge – always the first places to get smacked hard by such weather 🙁