Sicky Rusty Boys :-(

Earlier in the week (Thursday night) poor Olly was up ALL night being pretty violently sick :-(. It took him most of Friday to stop being sick and only today has he been better although he still does not have his appetite.

Then just 20 short minutes ago the thing we feared most happened……..

….. Elliot was sick 🙁 clearly he is the first person to have ever been sick 🙁 Apparently we need to stop feeding him food that makes his body need to be sick 🙂 LOL

Poor mite though was sick out of his nose :-(.

Hopefully we don’t all get the sickness bug – will be great for daddy to get sickness while travelling around the US 🙁

Get well soon boys….

Bedroom TV

Finally, the TV in the bedroom is completed with the lifter in the cabinet working beautifully. There was a small issue with the TV fouling the base of the lifter unit that meant the lifter was not happy and consequently lifted the TV an inch or so back up – making the cabinet lid be open ever so slightly.

To fix the issue, Simon cut some 12mm tube spacers and bought some extra long screws to force the TV to be a further inch away from the lifter. The result was that the problem was instantly fixed 🙂

Now all that remains is to consider using wired networking rather than making use of wireless LAN for the TV (Smart TV functions such as iPlayer and the like) – the wireless LAN appears to not quite be capable to hold a connection long enough to run an entire show.

Actually, there is a challenge with the Blu Ray player and how it fits into the cabinet such that we can easily insert discs and watch them. At the moment it is just sat in the base of the unit so is sub-optimal.

Boys day out to Gisburn

Daddy, Lee and Uncle Tim met up at Gisburn forest just after 9am on Saturday for a swift 12 mile slog through the trail.

Daddy has only been once before and it was nearly a foot of snow the last time, so this was like going to a brand new trail – didn’t recognise much without the snow 🙂

Right in the middle is a section called Hulley Gulley – WOW is all we can say about it – a section is like being on a rollercoaster as the bikers drop about the same as a 2 storey house and then up a similar climb around and then back down again 🙂

We got back just after 2pm so there was plenty of time to clean the bike properly in daylight before the rest of the family got back (Elliot had been to a party with Mummy and Olly had been with Caroline D while the party was on – apparently he behaved although we are not convinced we would have been told otherwise… 🙂 ).

Finally, mummy and daddy went up to Lee and Caroline’s for a curry and some wine (the nice bottle of CNDP they kindly bought for Simon as he took the job in London 🙂 A great night as would have been expected 🙂