Both Rusty boys are home

With over 5 hours difference, the boys are both home and sleeping tight 🙂 They have both seemingly had a great time and have different stories of laughter and of ski experiences.

Oliver has missed his parents and Elliot seemingly has an understanding of the frustration of others not wishing to get out of bed in the mornings 🙂

We have of course missed them dearly and are very pleased that they are safely home. It is great that they have truly enjoyed the experience and Simon is delighted that they would go again – although the stories do tend to suggest that they are both way better skiers than he is 😬⛷️⛷️

Radio silence 🎿🚠⛷️

Is what we are receiving from the boys in Italy most of the time.

we did receive the following message yesterday – “i’ve had a huge crash this morning which has given me a head injury”

The detail took approximately 10 minutes to get – it was a small fall with a long barrel roll which resulted in a small headache.

Anyway, all joking aside the boys do appear to be having a cracking time – with only a couple of falls so far – the result of being slightly over confident.

Day one seems to have been a success

Not a great deal of communications coming home from Italy but Oliver sounds to be enjoying himself and we assume the same to be true for Elliot 🙂

A couple of photos have come in from Oliver….

And Elliot seems to have Santa’s boots 🎅🏻

Dinner was apparently awful last night although we suspect that was more the fact of the diner being tired and it not being pizza 😋

More info as we get it…..

School ski trip

Last night we dropped the boys off for their first ski trip. They are going to Santa Caterina in Italy with school for 6 days.

The coaches left at 1am and their flights are around 8am from Stansted to Milan.

Loads of excitement from all in the school hall and likely lite sleep until next Thursday 🙂 Have a great time boys 🎿⛷️🚠