Another weekend is upon us

Time is literally flying by.  Simon heads out to California this weekend (well, Sunday) for a week where hopefully among his work stuff, he will get an opportunity to have a very high level look around the area in South Bay, and will search for advice from the various people in the office etc.

Hopefully we will have more information on the subject in 10 days time such that we are better placed in the decision making process 🙂

Another weekend bites the dust !

Amazing just how quickly time is passing us by.

We have been out bowling today with David, Julie and Abbie – Simon’s idea and he is definitely suffering as a result – not really sure what he was thinking – he is only just getting to be comfortable and he decides to risk it.

Risk it he did, and split the wound open he also did 🙁  He probably won’t be making smart suggestions again for a little while.

So the pain that he claims to have been in for the last ten days (apparently like the aftershock of taking a kick in the pills) has all but gone, only to be replaced with the pain involved in splitting the incision open.

With a little luck, this wound will fix itself in the next couple of days and he will be fighting fit again v soon.

In fairness, he has to be since he is heading out to San Francisco next Sunday for a week to do some work stuff and to spend a day having a quick look around.

The plan as we have worked out this weekend, is to go out for a family vacation in early February to figure out where we would live etc if we were to head out there.  Hopefully this week will help rule in / out areas based on a quick visit from Simon.

Improvment strikes

OK, so we have some improvement again thankfully 🙂

Simon has stayed at home since Monday this week, and now finally on Thursday evening, he is beginning to feel reasonably OK.

Monday was just a mistake with going into the office.

Two weeks ago, we had some family photographs taken – the first few have come through – please take a look in the gallery – we will add to them as soon as we get the goods through, so keep checking them out 🙂

We have included a few of the larger family photos we had taken in Halifax the day previous – great to see all the 4 generations 🙂

Bit of a backward step

Simon has experienced discomfort and bleeding today 🙁

He is very pleased that he was working from home today since walking has become somewhat difficult unfortunately.

I guess this is just part of the healing process – Simon is definitely wishing he had not overdone it yesterday by going in to the office.  He may well have put himself behind by a couple of days in the healing process….