Damned car….

This morning Simon was up early to go play 18 holes with Pembo – the car was all loaded up and then Bruce decided he was going NOWHERE !!!! Damned thing wouldn’t start πŸ™

So, golf was off πŸ™

He now has a brand new battery and the car ads have been trawled to determine if there is a suitable replacement vehicle on the horizon…. 🚗 

Very, very irritating when the car lets you down….

Leaf raking 🌲🌳🍃🍃

This mornings no daddy decided that the leaves in the back garden needed raking and collecting up. Strangely enough, the boys were not so keen – however, this was to be a no choice option. It had dropped to a couple of degrees below zero overnight so the garden and leaves were nice and frosty so would perhaps be easier and certainly cleaner to pickup.

We now have 2 x 1m cubed bags full of leaves 🍃 at the end of the garden.

Olly basically whinged for almost two straight hours, Elly whinged for the first 30 and then realised no whinging was stopping it happening πŸ™‚

Daddy has two large blisters on his hands – suck it up buttercup….

So, just got the ivy to pull from the wall on the side of the house and the new floodlights to install – maybe this afternoon or Friday….

Dining Room fire = ENABLED

A gas safe engineer had been out today to assess our handy work regarding the ventilation to enable the gas fire in the dining room. We got the all clear and so the fire is now operational once again – winner πŸ™‚

Secondly, the alarm guy has been out and taken details to figure out what we need to get the house alarm replaced with an appropriate item so hopefully we will be all set in January.

Simon also ordered a Hive system today and it will be installed on the 5th of January, so we are looking forward to getting properly in control of both the central heating and the hot water 👍