Day 7 – end of play photos…

Well, we now have a fully ripped out downstairs bathroom that is now ready for tiling 🙂

The kitchen is progressing nicely although you will need to look VERY closely to see the differences – basically the kick boards and plinths above the upper cupboards.  Also, the top doors are on the frideg surround although the supplier sent the wrong doors for the bottom for the second time 🙁  Finally, 4 of the 6 under counter lights are fitted and operational 🙂 Just to figure out how to get a better switch as the one that has been put in leaves a lot to be desired sadly…


Day 7 - Kitchen #1

Day 7 - Kitchen #2


Day 7 - Utility

Ground Floor Bathroom:Day 7 - Ground Floor BathroomHouse Bathroom:

Day 7 - House Bathroom #1

Day 7 - House Bathroom #2


Day 6 – end of play photos…

So we now have NO sinks or taps in the downstairs of the house 🙁 The ground floor ‘dunny’ has been removed along with everything else in that room bar the flooring (to go tomorrow) and the light fitting…

The house bathroom is now fully tiled on both the walls and the floor – just awaiting grouting and the upper units along with the actual toilet seat itself.  The floor looks very bling (although the photo’s just don’t show this) and should be fab when it is all done.

The kitchen has been getting some of the finishing pieces applied today so it does not appear to have had a whole lot of stuff done, but it is really beginning to ‘sparkle’ 🙂  See photos…  We have decided that we will need to change the lighting in the kitchen once the units etc are completed – more fun then….


Day 6 - Kitchen #1

Day 6 - Kitchen #2

The Utility:

Day 6 - Utility

House Bathroom:

Day 6 - House Bathroom #1

Day 6 - House Bathroom #2

WOWEE – it’s COLD !!!! brrrr

Whoa – last week was so mild and yesterday began to get colder – wow – just been out for a walk with Olly and it has definitely chilled us all to the bone 🙁

We went out for dinner last night with Pembo to celebrate his birthday from earlier in the week.  The kids had fun as they took iPads and iPhones so they were entertained nicely.  We ate at a Harvester pub / restaurant near the White Rose Shopping Centre where they have a terrific menu.  It somewhat reminded Simon of “The Counter” in San Jose as the menu was a case of selecting what meat etc you wanted as the basis for the meal, and then add on things like fries / jacket potato, and then on for the sauce you wanted and then onto optional extras such as onion rings and salads etc.  It was let down a little by the fact that it took over 1hour to deliver the meal 🙁 The kids were starving and had filled up on bread and pasta from the salad bar 🙁  Thankfully the aforementioned Apple products dealt with the boredom aspects rather nicely 🙂

We are hoping to see the house bathroom completed today and then work can commence on the downstairs toilet and hopefully the kitchen will get closer.  Wait until later to see the end of Day 6 photos….. 🙂

Day 5 – end of play photos…

So we have reached the end of the first week of home renovations – we are really motoring nicely with two of the three rooms taking shape nicely.  The downstairs bathroom will begin next week, although there is not as much work to be done in there thankfully.  More photos etc net week 🙂

Day 5 - Kitchen #1

Day 5 - Kitchen #2

And now the Utility Room …

Day 5 - Utility

House Bathroom is now fully tiled on the walls and the floor is prepared for tiling on Monday…

Day 5 - House Bathroom #1

Day 5 - House Bathroom #2

Day 5 - House Bathroom #3

New flooring for the downstairs bathroom and nad removal

We headed to the flooring place in Ossett after taking Max to the vet (more about this in a moment) and found some nice silver / grey laminate that will look spot on with the cabinetry that we are having in the room along with the tiles etc of course.  We agreed with the kitchen and bathroom fitters that they would do it for us (for a few beer tokens) while they fit the actual other stuff in the bathroom, so we have an all round win 🙂

So, onto Max – well he has had a little lump on his bottom (OK so actually just above his ring piece) for a while now, but we noted that it has grown significantly in the last 2 to 3 weeks – as much as 2 to three times the size today that it was after Christmas.  So, Margaret took a look after Tim made the appointment, and she concluded that it was likely to grow more before bursting at some point as the skin thinned as it grew, and it woud make a real mess when it burst 🙁  She recommended its’ removal and stated that it ‘felt’ like it should be pretty straightforward to remove.  She then commented on how it was likely caused by excess testosterone in his body and then quickly suggested whipping off his nads while he was under (gulp!) 🙁  Poor Brown – thankfully he did not hear about the loss of his jewels so we will keep that as a little secret that he will find out in due time…  He is going back in on Monday for the swift ‘op’ so he will have two more fully intact days – let’s hope there is no fun poking fromPepsi later next week :-s