Day Trip to Lightwater Valley

Mummy had a great idea last night – to get up and out early and head north to Lightwater Valley near Ripon.

We arrived just before 11am, played in the MEGA Angry Birds Activity Centre, then on and into the Angry Birds Space area, before heading off to the rides πŸ™‚

It has been around 30 years since daddy has been here so he did not recognise any of the rides and sadly the death slide has clearly long since gone πŸ™

The water slide was particularly good fun although mummy was less keen on the steps that led up to it – they were metal see through steps that meant you could see easily just how high up we were πŸ™ Β Elliot and Oliver definitely got a SHOCK when it came to going down that particular ride – made Elliot feel very uneasy πŸ™

All in all, it was a great day out even with daddy spilling half a bottle of water on himself and Olly at lunch time πŸ™ it soon dried πŸ™‚

Do you think Olly enjoyed the pirate ship?




First Family Bike Ride :-)

Yay – today we managed to get out on the Spen Valley Greenway for an hour or so on our bikes.

We went after visiting Grannie Cuckoo following her return home from the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary this past week.

Check out the video of our ride today on YouTube.

Both boys did terrifically well as wel covered a little over 3 miles in total with a couple of small hills to contend with. Β We are definitely ready for bigger rides πŸ™‚



Mountain Biking in Gisburn

Lee, Ed and Simon went to Gisburn on Saturday for a swift 20K spin in the trees πŸ™‚

Simon’s new SunnyCam glasses got their second outing and he did better with them this time around – will try to figure out how to get some footage up on here for all to enjoy soon πŸ™‚

First footage from the trip is here in the form of Lee’s Decision

Next one is Hully Gully – oh my…

The trail was certainly more rocky than we remember and the rain had not helped – there are not only loads of rocks and stone but also lots of tree roots that are exposed and when they get wet, they are SLIPPERY πŸ™

Hully Gully was as usual a lot of fun although lots more ruts than the last time we visited.

We also checked out the skills section this time around – not been in there before and wow – demonstrated to us that skills is something that we need to work on πŸ™‚

No falls this time and lots of laughs – perfect medicine πŸ™‚

40th Birthday Celebration Weekend

Thankfully we were able to escape for just one night (had planned for two but events overtook us) to Center Parcs with the Drewett’s and the Box’s to celebrate the three 40th birthdays of the summer season πŸ™‚

On Friday the boys all went out and played Golf in the beautiful sunshine near Worksop – the first time any of us had played in over 7 years (over 10 for Simon)… It was a simply fantastic late morning and afternoon, following which Simon returned to Ossett and Lee and Ed head on to Center Parcs for the next stage of the celebrations. Β The girls all had a quiet morning and early afternoon soaking up the goodness that is Meadowhall before Vicky returned to Ossett and Caroline and Sharon headed to Center Parcs.

On Saturday morning, Vicky and SImon were able to join all at Center Parcs where the boys went out for some fun on the mountain bikes around Sherwood Pines and the girls enjoyed a lovely session in the SPA πŸ™‚

The boys then nipped to the pub for a bite to eat and a well deserved cold beer or three. Β The food took over 50 minutes to arrive so the country club refunded us our meal cost AND supplied us with a free drink each – on the house – FOR THE WIN – GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

We enjoyed a lovely meal together on Saturday night and whiled away a few hours back at the villa recognising old TV show theme tunes – the sort of randomness that just happens sometimes πŸ™‚

Great times with great friends celebrating a big year for three of us – thanks all for arranging and cheers πŸ™‚