Happy New Year

2020 has certainly been a challenging journey for most of us and so we are super happy to be at this end of it. COVID-19 has made for a painful scenario that has destroyed many peoples businesses and potentially lives through closing travel, accommodation and hospitality (among many other areas of course). The children have lost a lot of time in education, although it does feel that our school has managed very well all things considered (and we are sure that our school is not significantly different from others in this respect).

Sadly we are not out in the Caribbean celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary but we have enjoyed our mini celebrations at home and Vicky has been dreaming of her MFB.

2021 has got a great outlook from here right now, we have multiple vaccines, each with their own approach and a whole heap of hope. we are dreaming of an Easter where we can actually spend time with others and a summer that we might just be able to eat out again and who knows, we might even get a “proper” holiday next year…

Anyway, we hope that you are all well reading this and are readying yourselves for a much better year in ‘21.

Wishing you health and happiness throughout 2021 and beyond.

Simon, Vicky, Elliot, Oliver, Hugo and Eddie xx

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas

Wishing all our friends and family near and far a wonderfully Merry Christmas .

We hope that you are able to have a lovely time with your closest and that we can all meet up again soon in 2021.

Our Christmas Day isn’t quite going to be how we had planned as we were due to Be onboard P&O Britannia in the Caribbean celebrating our 20th Wedding anniversary.

However, as with likely all of you we are at home enjoying the coziness of the open fire and another terrific Christmas dinner courtesy of Mrs R 👌🍾🍷🍹

Have a wonderful time and we look forward to meeting you again soon for dinner, drinks, a dog walk or under whatever circumstances we can ❤️

Easter weekend

Today is Good Friday – a day that we had planned on being in a vacation home for the weekend with two other families. Sadly, that was a plan that died given the current situation.

So, today has been about tidying the house and working on the garage / office conversion. Simon realised that the progress was actually better than planned so an order was placed a few days ago at B&Q on a click and collect gig – the email came in at 4pm stating that the order was ready for collection. So, given that the sun was shining and there were 10 sheets of plasterboard in the order, he decided to hook up the trailer and go get it straightaway, as there was no guarantee of sunshine tomorrow and plasterboard doesn’t like rain that much.

The collection mechanism at B&Q was really rather smart – a whole heap of pre configured collection bays has been setup, so the buyer drives in, a person wanders over with a clipboard, requesting the order number and name etc. They then essentially deliver the contents of that delivery into a trolley that is left behind your vehicle – then simply load up and go.

All good, except the team at B&Q didn’t actually bring out all of the order – Simon only realised once he had emptied the content of the trolley into the trailer that there was 10 sheets of plasterboard missing… not a major drama except it was now 5 minutes past closing time and the doors were closed and nobody around to help…. Fortunately, 10 minutes later a staff member showed up (who had been to a food shop for something after their shift had finished) and she was kind enough to quickly check what happened with the rest of the order. 5 more minutes and we were all set with the remainder of the order.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day of trying to get all the battens on the walls and then hopefully some of the plasterboard will make their way onto the walls in the office.

We just need to figure out if we will have two offices, an office and a gym or an office and a man cave down there 🙂

We escaped a sinking ship….

Today, we visited Escape Hunt in Leeds and took on Black Beard’s sinking galleon. It was a whole load of fun and all four of us brought value to the game in that if any one of us was not there, we would not have escaped 🙂

The boys really enjoyed it and were totally in the thick of it – Olly right from the off as he found the first key and Elliot as he figured out how to get us into the second room (Black Beard’s Office) – something that the rest of us were stumped on.

There was a need to find some clues in the office that were definitely challenging but between us we figured it out – Olly struck gold again when he noticed that the paintings on the wall showed us something about the room that wasn’t quite in place – when he made it so,we got the final clue 

We really struggled with one piece that was about a keyboard – it took us 10 minutes to figure out and together with some help from our assistant, we nailed it and ultimately finished in 56 minutes and 10 seconds so thankfully we were saved from certain drowning ‍♂️