Happy New Year

Wishing all of our readers a super 2020 with health, happiness and fun all the way.

We have taken down the decorations this morning and put them away for another year – feels like a big job when it comes to putting the damned things away sadly – anyway, it is all done for another year.

We have also this morning booked our 20th Wedding anniversary trip which includes a 14 night cruise on board the P&O Britannia, travelling around the Caribbean, starting and ending in Bridgetown, Barbados 🎉

We will be leaving on Friday the 18th December so will be enjoying not only our anniversary away, but also Christmas 🎄AND the new year 🍾🥂

With it being Christmas time, it was super hard to get the right deal and locations, but we managed it so are now super pumped up for the upcoming trip 😃

Merry Christmas to all 🍾🎉🎁

We hope that you have all notes a terrific day and look forward to catching up soon.

This year was mainly about Virtual Reality (VR) in the Rust household with Oculus Quest being the main attraction – however, mum and dad had a little fun at the boys’ expense when it came to finding them on Christmas morning. Their boxes contained a rather nice cardboard VR headset for use with a mobile phone together with a clue from Elfis (that’s right, the cheeky little elf came back to mess with the boys 😁) When they finally found their real VR gifts after following Elfis’ clues, they were delighted – then spent pretty much the rest of their day as can be seen in the image below – in their own little VR worlds with the odd shout of displeasure from the youngest when things weren’t working in his favour – no change at the inn then it seems.

The four legged boys were in with the fun too as they wore their Christmas jumpers for most of the day, as you can see Puggle as Santa Paws and Fred being only there for the food – as with the kids, no change there then 😂

Lunch itself was glorious and we all enjoyed it in the Christmas dining hall (the lounge) again this year.

Thank you to all for your gifts and time for joining us – as always we truly enjoyed it and appreciated your time being shared with us on such a precious day.

Biggest thanks of course to Vicky for enabling us all to enjoy such a fabulous meal in such great company – every course seemed to be better than the one it followed. 👌

East Coast

We have been super fortunate to be able to spend a few days on the east coast at Grandma and Grandad’s place in Burton Fleming.

We arrived late on Friday night once dad got back from Stockholm (delayed flight and broken rail network meant he was nearly 2 hours late) so that we would be here for first thing Saturday morning.

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We met with Paula and Cayton for a lovely walk along the cliffs along the north beach with the dogs and kids – the weather was lovely and watching the chaps souring just above was awesome.

A bit of shopping and the pizza for tea in the farmhouse – just lovely.

We are here for 5 or so days and the forecast suggests it will be awesome, so we have totally lucked out πŸ™‚

We thought this was typical Hugo – nosey monkey..