Oh wow, it is VERY cold…

It seems that since the clocks went back an hour on Sunday (marking the end of British Summer Time 🙂 ) it has been just REALLY cold.  For example, for the past three mornings, Simon’s car had needed to have the ice scraped from the windows :-(.   This also signifies a point that Simon’s car is now sleeping outside – looks like it may be a permanent situation.  In fairness when the car is in the garage it is a pain to get around, and given that Elly likes to play in the garage, a few of his messier toys are out there (moon sand, paints and the like).

We took all of the furniture out of the 3rd bedroom on Sunday and had a general tidy of the stuff in there – ended up with two visits to the local recycle centre to dump several dozen pairs of shoes amongst other things – yes she finally let go of them – they have lived in the wardrobe in that room since we moved in – 51/2 years)

Elliot will be (before Christmas) moving into this bedroom so we needed to clear out the existing stuff.  So, the garage is full of the wardrobes etc and we are considering popping them on eBay just to rid our selves of them easily.

We built up Elly’s car bed – a really cool bed and he loves it.  Just need a mattress and other general bedroom furniture.  Hence will take up to Christmas to sort.  Disney Cars seems to be a general theme that we are playing with presently.

Couple of days off – relaxing :-)

The electrician came on Wednesday and fitted a new RCD – hopefully this will solve the power tripping several times a night.  Time will tell but here we are, 3 days later and we have had no issues thus far – keep the fingers crossed.

Simon has fitted electrics over to the gazebo so we are now all set for the Christmas lights in 5 weeks !!! So, we need to source some good lights now – may have found some at Costco but we’ll see.

We have also stripped out the furniture from the 3rd bedroom ready to start to migrate Elliot’s gear into it – it will ultimately be his bedroom.  So the garage is now half full of the cabinets etc – think Vicky will try to sell it on eBay.  We also bought a bright red sports car bed – so we have built it up and it looks awesome – just need a mattress and some bedding for it.  Suspect that once this is in place, he will be wanting to move in ASAP 🙂

Downside – the guest room is now full of stuff that was in the wardrobes etc, and we have many bin liners full of stuff to make its way to the tip / recycle centre.

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

We had lunch with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa today and great uncle Michaels house in Horsforth.  Elliot actually came round in mega quick time and was jumping to give everyone in the house a kiss before he left – a massive change on his usual state of mind.

Another weekend – gone 🙁 Oh well, Simon has two days off at the end of this next week, so we are going to get the electrics in the conservatory fixed on Thursday and then head out for the rest of the time 🙂

Worry ye not

We had a little bleed on Sunday, which while not huge was enough to worry us somewhat.  Vicky spoke to the midwife on Monday morning, got in front of a doctor and was booked in for a scan on Weds AM.  Simon couldn’t make it due to not being able to remove himself from a pretty important meeting at the office so Clare thankfully stood up to the plate to go with Vicky.

Turns out all is well and no issues can be found (great news !!) with the little monkey dancing around like crazy in there, so much that the scanner was really struggling to get a good still image for us.  Apparently bump is already 5.5 cms in length from head to bum !!

Will try to get the image scanned an popped online for those who are interested.

On less important news, Simon decided to have a pop at bidding on ebay rather than simply buy it now type stuff.  Great call, 6 bids, and 6 wins….. So he now has some stuff to sell probably…