Elliot – extra swimming lesson tonight

Eliot is on the first of three extra swimming lessons at school tonight.  A few weeks ago, there were several of his classmates that were similarly selected to get extra swimming lessons to accelerate their collective swimming skills.  The thee part series of lessons begins after school for around one hour tonight.  The lessons are all on Tuesday nights between now and the end of term.

Poor Elliot decided last night that he did not want to do the extra lessons as they would extend his school day by over one additional hour.  We negotiated with him and Mummy will go and watch the last 15 minutes or so and then bring him home.  He also will have access to the Xbox tonight if he wishes – let’s see if he remembers that part of the deal…

Pepsi & Max on new dinner routine :-)

Following a couple of stomach issues for Pepsi – being sick just before his dinner in the evening – we think his stomach was empty and hence it caused sickness.

SO – we decided to move them both onto three meals a day instead of two – initially they both clearly thought they had WON – i.e. “ha, we are getting fed three times a day now – been telling you for 10 years to feed us more often”.  Soon it dawned on them that while they are getting fed three times, the portions are smaller – hence similar (so perhaps a little more) quantity but spread out better over the day….

They are back to not being happy again – Max seems to be forever trying it on to get fed again 🙂

They’ll get used to it.

Pepsi was at the Vet on Friday last week for a check-up and Margaret was delighted with his progress.  We agreed that he seems to have more lives than the average cat 🙂

Mummy and Olly unwell…

Mummy has picked up a nasty cold towards the back end of last week, that has culminated in a nasty bug over the weekend.  Olly woke up with red cheeks etc, suggesting that he was going to have yet another episode of his usual temperature etc, so we kept him away from school.  It actually didn’t turn into anything so he could probably have been OK to have been at school today.

The rain has arrived from the South (has battered the south of the country over the last few days) and there are presently something north of 300 flood warnings on nationwide.  Sadly, once again, the flood defences in many parts of the country are again being tested t the max 🙁   We should be A.OK here in Ossett, but there is definitely flooding in many roads where the road water guttering is unable to cope with the large quantity of water that is being forced on it.  The wind thankfully isn’t TOO strong at the moment although it is definitely significantly colder at the moment than it was just 5 days ago…


Goodbye Tina, we had a blast….

So, Aston Martin ownership is now over – Tina has moved on to her next keeper who will hopefully look after her as we have done.

Sam (guy we bought her from last year) ended up selling her on our behalf given he has background and a good name in the AM used car industry.

She was an extravagance that I am disappointed we didn’t make more use of – we covered just 1,200 miles in the 12 months of ownership although I am pleased to have a bit of garage space back.

We are awaiting the cash coming in from the sale and then the boys (waited very patiently) are to be treated to a small trip to Toys R Us possibly at the weekend.

Looking forward to another milestone in the coming years where we will be able to get back onto the marque that is Aston Martin and next time, we’ll make more use of the journey 🙂

Parents evening for Elliot

We have just attended a parents evening for Elliot and have walked out feeling very proud and somewhat elated to just how well our eldest is doing at school.


A copy of his first report card at Silcoates Juniors is enclosed and it shows just how well he is doing. This report card is mainly about the effort that Elliot is putting in rather than grading at this stage although there are some early indicator grading for English, Mathematics and Science.

So, he is excelling with effort for IT (guess no surprise there) and swimming and is driving hard with all else – apparently the music teacher gave the whole year 3’s. The actual grading system is as follows:

Effort assessment:
1 – Outstanding
2 – Pleasing
3 – Satisfactory
4 – Room for improvement
5 – Unsatisfactory

Attainment grading:
A – working significantly above the expected standard
B – working above the expected standard
C – meeting the expected standard
D – working towards the expected standard
E – working significantly below the expected standard

Apparently Elliot always jumps in to get involved during class work time and offers suggestions almost first every time. In the teachers’ words, he is not shy or embarrassed to get stuck in and put himself out there. This definitely surprised us as we thought he would be like daddy and hold back, letting others drive. He is getting much better with swimming time and not being quite as nervous about leaving his clothes in the changing room – Mrs Sugden has been taking his clothes into the pool area so that he can see they are safe while he swims. Elliot asked Mrs Sugden to not do this anymore about three weeks ago and he has not been anxious about this since apparently. He still has anxiety issues most days about something or other but the teachers seem to be on top of it and seem to know more about it than we do so we are feeling very comfortable with how this is being expertly handled.

We need to work on arts and craft at home to help with his Creative Development – the Lego is helping here but we need to get a paintbrush in his hands etc more often.

All in all, he is doing GREAT and we are so very proud 🙂