Bank Holiday ? Pah, what a wash out :-(

Simon ended up working in the garage with Greg putting up new shelves etc to clear all of the clutter that has accumulated in there.

Feels like a waste of a Bank Holiday weekend, but in a sad sort of way, it is a total result. All garbage has been binned and all useful stuff placed on new and solid shelves – we have even made a sort of sling for the car roof box that simply attaches to it when on the car, then lifts it up and hoists it up into the roof space and hence out of the way – neat – again in a sad sort of way…..

Finally – can crawl at last… :-)

Last night he made his first voyage – and TYPICALLY neither Vicky or Simon were there to see it 🙁

Anyway, he has been busy “dragging” himself along today by all accounts and is slowly picking up skills that he needs to use both legs as well as his arms 🙂 His travels are only if he feels he really needs to at present, but the XBOX seems to be something that he NEEDS to visit pretty regularly along with the fireplace.  We will be buying all of the necessary protective gear nowish and the pipe lagging has already been applied to the hearth so that he doesn’t crack himself on it if he should tumble 🙁

Pepsi has already figured what this means and is avoiding the lounge at nearly all costs presently – Max on the other hand seems to be enjoying the attention that he is suddenly getting….

Nearly crawling…

Still no joy on the crawling front 🙁 He is SO close it is untrue, but is just not ready / prepared to take the extra steps so to speak. Maybe next weekend we will be reporting differently……

Been to see the building society ref renewing the mortgage today – seems that we have far more options than we thought and so are now considering the purchase of a second home to rent out etc (make a nice investment for EJ looking forward too) – scary thought really, but seems to be affordable without taking it too far 🙂 We’ll see what happens I suppose.

The weather is tres changeable today too 🙁 – Sun then rain then sun etc. Guess the cars won’t get washed again this weekend or the dogs walked 🙁

Can NEARLY crawl…

Elliot is ALMOST able to crawl – he is definitely getting frustrated with himself as he has figured out that he needs to get on his hands and his knees, but can’t yet put the final piece into place of moving the hands and legs in co-ordination.  We can still back-pedal (thanks Vicky) but no forward motion is applicable just yet.  We reckon that by the weekend he will be moving and by the end of the weekend, into bloody everything 🙂

I guess we will never be happy – wanting him to move about BUT then once he does, wanting him to stop again 🙂

Oh dear, look what someone has been introduced to…

We have conceded that we will need to buy a roof box for the car so that trips away for a few days are actually possible if we want to take the dogs AND a pushchair of some description – so we are preparing to wave goodbye to a not inconsiderable amount of cash 🙁 The fasterners alone to fasten onto the existing roof bars on the estate car are over £100. Then the box – oh well, we guess it will be well worth the expense…..

Poor week holiday :-(

Well, we got off to the lakes last Tuesday and arrived around 2:30pm, unpacked the car and at 3:15pm decided to nip to Hayes Garden Centre for some bits and pieces.  Simon managed to get down from the deck and get onto the patio, before losing his footing and twisting his ankle down a small 4inch by 2 inch gap (wearing sandals) – the result – one badly (or so he says) twisted ankle, a small baby who was somehow NOT dropped and a problem for the week – Simon unable to walk and hence the holiday may not be much fun.

To cap it all nicely, the family got a lovely dose of sickness and diahorrea 🙁 We spent the whole week in and out of the bathroom and having to listen to Rusty whinge about his ankle 🙁

Then, as it (the ankle) was getting better, Simon and Vicky decided to take the dogs out for a walk (Saturday night) – that turned out to be a great idea – Simon went over on the damned ankle again trying to stop Pepsi and Max from running off to visit another dog 🙁

Anyway, we are back in Ossett, Simon still whining about his ankle but fortunately no more trots 🙂 Hopefully our next holiday will be full of fun 🙂