Little cough

Well, it has got a bit warmer during this week but only a little 🙁

Elliot is currently sleeping and it is clearly well overdue – he has been in a proper foul mood this morning and needs the rest.

His appetite has come back as well since he has been eating enough for all three of us over the last couple of days.

Simon has been racking up some Tiger Woods time on the Wii this weekend – apparently it is funny watching him play the game – something about taking it far too seriously 🙂

Elliot has also produced a little cough over the weekend and although it is a little chesty, it does not seem to bother him too much.  It is actually quite funny if we ask him if he has a cough, he then starts coughing…

Fun times

We have had a fun day today….

First of all we had some jelly for lunch….

And then, we went to see the Ducks at Thorne’s Park in Wakefield….

It was very cold so we came home again to play with the cars and read some books.

Elliot really enjoyed feeding the duck – to the point that he wanted to stand on the Ice with them in the “pond” – he was most put out when he was denied from swimming with them 🙁

We just realised today that his shoes are almost too small, so these shoes have probably not even lasted 6 weeks !!! We will be searching for some new ones next week we guess…..

Week extinguished

Another week – gone 🙁

We have bought a new camera this week – one with a decent Optical zoon lens so that we can get decent pictures of things without needing to be literally standing over them to do it.

A Sony DSC-H9 was selected since it definitely delivers quality photos (Frank has one so we know from experience) and has 15x Optical zoom.  The only downside is the size – it is half way between standard digicam and an SLR.

It is getting colder again this week – we have had -2degrees C on more than one occasion and the threat from the weather forecasters is to drop to -8 !!!

We are all pretty under the weather as well presently – Vicky has had a sore throat since last weekend, Simon has had it for 2 to 3 days and Elliot is probably just on his way out of it fortunately.  He has been really off his food for almost a week, so Vicky has been cooking some finger foods for him this morning to try to tempt him back into eating properly again.  Think there is enough food for a few weeks 🙂


Shopping @ Meadow Hall in Sheffield today in search of some new gear for Vicky – typically we came away with a pile of shirts for Simon and Vicky only found a couple of things.  Isn’t that just the way it always works – if you go in search of something, nothing is there, but when you not looking, stuff falls out on you 🙂

Then when we got home, we were in the front garden and Elliot fell forwards and cut his lip on his bottom teeth – he almost immediately decided Mummy was the only option and we have then had an afternoon where he has pretty much felt really sorry for himself.  We think that the 5 (or so) teeth that look as though they are heading down through his gums were painful but he could live with those.  But then, the new cut lip just pushed the pain threshold too far – hence he is not prepared to eat anything – including the usual scooby snacks of raisins and even, believe it or not, crisps.  So now we know the little guy is not well.

Grandma Rust came round to see Elly this afternoon and stayed for tea.  Elly was allowed to stay up late to play with Grandma since it is not a school night.  Mummy went out for tea with Auntie Kerrie and was brave enough to take Daddies car….

Dancing a jig…

7 Series in for brake fluid service today…… it fortunately got the all clear 🙂

The tiles that blew off the roof of ForkHall are going to cost circa £150 to get sorted, so hopefully we will be back to properly water resistant v soon now.

Another weekend is upon us already – amazing how quickly they are coming around presently….

And check out this cheeky little monkey….. showing off with a little jig…