We are staying in a lovely resort to the North East of the island called Cala Mesquida – sadly we encountered rain yesterday morning so decided to head out to Alcudia on a little road trip and wow – what a beautiful place Alcudia Old Town is…

We stayed for a lovely dinner in a small restaurant with seating on a walkway so we could watch the world go by. Alcudia seems to have many more English voices than we have heard elsewhere – mainly German in the resort and nearby locations it seems.

We enjoyed an ice cream on the way back to the car and Olly has a slush puppy (or a Spanish equivalent) that he promptly threw away – accordingly it was not a great equivalent…

We saw these a couple of nights ago in Cala Agulla – can be rented for โ‚ฌ25 – sadly Olly doesn’t have a driving license so can’t get in one..

Finally, the poor little monkey has been up a few times in the night vomiting ๐Ÿ™ so the beach day today has turned into a relaxing room day it seems.

Hopefully he is back to usual soon, oh and that none of the rest of us get the bug too….

Turner Close

Well, Turner Close is empty once again so we head down on Sunday to check out what work we need to do in order to put our best foot forward when it comes to selling the place.

We also took the brown leather bed back down there as it is simply too big for Elliot’s bedroom. We brought the cheap sofa bed back for him to try out although we suggested that he should use the spare room to sleep and then leave toys etc in his actual bedroom – he really did not want to do this. His first night on his new “bed” was last night and he said that the bed was comfortable but that it has a soft side and a hard side… 😂

Simon returned to TC this morning on the way back from the school run in order to sand down the filled holes (from photographs etc) and collect Vicky’s cardigan that she left yesterday.

It is now all ready for a lick of paint – we believe that we have all the right paints in the garage, just that we aren’t entirely sure which paints are for which rooms….

The deck has been deemed unsightly so it is going to get a fresh coat of grey paint in the next couple of weeks and we need to find a window doctor who can repair the conservatory window sill from when Hugo had a little chewing session ๐Ÿ™

Otherwise, the house is in great shape and just waiting for the right family looking for a great house in the middle of a great location for families ๐Ÿ™‚

Fingers crossed.

PC Support

Vicky noticed an ยฃ8.00 charge on the credit card a couple of months ago and simply assumed it was something that Simon had bought, questioned him about it and he didn’t recall what it was. It didn’t come up during filling in monthly expenses and so got forgotten about.

Then a couple of days ago Vicky noticed another such charge on the credit card so googled the company and it transpires it is a regular issue with people buying hardware from Curry’s or PC World. 

It seems that they have an extra technical support option available on many of the things that they sell in store and that apparently they offer this support to unsuspecting punters at the time of tranascting the purchase. 

When Simon rang the company today it became quickly obvious that this was for a DELL laptop that was purchased in advance of Christmas last year and that the charges started roughly one month later. Accordingly they give one month free of charge and because they have your payment details from the otiginal purchase, they can easily just crack on taking monthly payments from you. There is no official contract and it appears that often the sales guys in the tills simply automatically enroll customers in to this service without mentioning it – I guess they receive a nice little commission each time they “sell” the cover.

Well a ten minute call and we should be expecting the ยฃ40 back in 10 to 14 days and the “contract” is now cancelled.

Handy little earner that ๐Ÿ™

Think we might never buy from Curry’s / PC World again !!!