Pepsi going under the knife again

Poor Pepsi has had a growth / lump on his back between his shoulders for a few months now and at his last check up we asked about it and whether it would need attention. The vet asked if it was troubling him – subsequently suggested that it is probably best to leave it alone given his age and the fact that it wasn’t giving him any agro.

Well, last weekend we walked into the kitchen to find a reasonable amount of blood on the floor – we hurried around trying to find where it had all come from – it seemed that the dopey sod had scratched it and consequently it bled.

It hasn’t got any better as the week has progressed so we took him in to have his claws clipped and the lump checked. The vet shaved the area to find that it (the lump) has grown quite a bit since it was last checked and sadly it is weeping puss – hence it stinks – definitely a significant source of smell from the old lad 🙁

Anyway, we debated the pros and cons and realised that the best course of action was to take him in and have it removed – he is only going to keep scratting at it and causing it to bleed etc – plus there’s the awful smell 🙂

So, he is booked in for Monday – let’s hope it all goes to plan and he comes out feeling sleepy but less smelly….

Fun in the garden on Elliot’s birthday


As can be seen, the kids had a ball yesterday afternoon at Elliot’s birthday tea at home. Gracie, Jessica and Euan came from school to celebrate with us along with Carys from Oliver’s class and Tyler came as well.

Mummy baked a super cool cake for Elliot that had a super surprise – it was filled inside with smarties 🙂

The evening ended with daddy being run around playing football in the garden – he was shattered at the end 🙁 unfit or something…