We have 3 drivers in the household….

At approximately 16:20 today Elliot passed his driving test……..

At approximately 18:10 today Simon shat himself as the cost of insurance has gone up approximately 45% since we bought the car…….

So, we are no longer able to insure the car without a black (telemetry) box and certainly not at the eye watering price of £2,000. That’s right it is now approximately £3,000….

So starting tomorrow, we have a third driver in the household and a little box in a few days time to check that we are not going to drive more than 700 miles a month and that we won’t be taking corners hard or pumping the brakes etc

Happy Mothers Day

We wish all mothers a terrific day today and hope that you are able to spend it enjoying those that you have brought into the world and/or helped manage their time on the world, even if that is just a telephone call to connect. You are all incredible people with immense strength and determination to make us all better, more rounded and focused people, for which we are truly thankful. Without you, we would not be and it is highly likely that we don’t acknowledge any of this nearly enough.