Christmas has begun in Kirkby Grange🎄

Vicky finished off the main Christmas tree on Sunday, having collected it from Costco on Saturday. Sadly, it does not immediately appear to have the hallmarks of the usual Costco quality in that it has dropped more needles in the first 24 hours than they usually do for the entire 6 weeks that they are in the lounge….

Anyway, here are the finished trees in place around the house this year 🙂 Enjoy

Snug - Disney

Rest in Peace Great Grandma Rust

Grandma / Great Grandma passed away at 3:55am this morning comfortably in her sleep.

Dad / Granddad and Grandpa / Great Grandpa have been anxiously waiting on this day for some time.

She is being taken to Lawrence Funeral home in Bell Hall, Halifax and the funeral will be coming shortly thereafter.

We will be under the more strict COVID-19 funeral arrangements of course as and when that funeral takes place.

Christmas is on the way…

We have pushed forward with Christmas given the fun and games that the year has brought us all so far. 

So, we began the task of getting the decorations out and beginning the process of decorating the house.

We started in the office…

… and moved on to the tree in the snug….

…. and we will continue next weekend …..

Merry Christmas folks 🎄🍾🎁

Happy 21st Alicia

Wow – how time flies – we hope that you enjoy a terrific day albeit yet another COVID birthday 🙁

You have worked hard and become an incredible, determined, self motivated young woman, that we all see in front of us and are incredibly proud of.

We wish you all the happiness and success that you strive for and stand by should you need anything along your journey

Sadly our gift has “gone missing” in the delivery process so we will need to replace it ASAP 🙁 AV is pretty furious about it although you will hear all about it later…. 🙃

All our love and best wishes AV, US, Elliot, Oliver, Hugo and Eddie xx