Whinfell Weekend

Mummy and Daddy head out to Whinfell Forest on Friday night (just after 6pm) to celebrate with Dafit and Jilly for their 15th wedding anniversary. We arrived at just before 8pm and walked up to the apartment with our gear. Like most times, daddy got it all wrong and so we should have simply driven up to the apartment and then brought the car BACK to the car park but nevermind.

The boys were staying at home in Ossett and Granny Cuckoo and Nard came over to look after them.

The weather was simply terrific with sun all day on Saturday even that far North πŸ™‚ so sunburn a plenty πŸ™‚

We had a few cheeky beers as the day progressed, but only two before setting foot on the Segway experience – my word how much fun can be had on two rugged wheels πŸ™‚ Dafit managed to have Simon crash and burn in the first 10 minutes as he was not paying attention as Dafit slowed to a stop in front of him…. 😐

45 minutes later we stepped off the Segway X2’s with that moment crossing each of ourminds – “Wonder how much they cost….” soon forgotten as we head back to the nearest bar for the start of the rest of the afternoon.

We made it to dinner somehow having spent an hour or so sat out on the grass with 90’s music blaring and beverages and peanuts a plenty being consumed. Dinner was lovely with four steaks and you guessed it – more beverages.

The Sports bar was our next target although Dafit decided it would be a good idea to show his “willies” – he meant wheelies on his bike but of course we weren’t letting him get away with that one – somewhere there is a recording of his efforts although to be honest it isn’t worth wasting your time to watch it πŸ˜‰

The sports bar gave Jilly the chance to shine with her karaoke (we took our own music on a phone and just sang along) and dancing – the running man being particularly impressive πŸ™‚ There were several families who will not be forgetting the performance in a hurry. In fact Vicky has just this evening received a text from Jilly who has been accosted by an unknown female at the resort who was congratulating the dancing from the previous night – great result πŸ™‚

Finally we head over to the Lakeside Inn for a final scoop – as Simon was selecting his chosen tippled, Dafit decided to try to read the name of it from the bottle. It was a Jennings Sneck Lifter from Cumbria – accordingly to Dafit’s eyes, this was actually a Snatch Lifter – had the barman in tears as he removed the lid from the cheeky bottle of Snatch Lifter πŸ™‚

It was a BIG day so when we all hit the ay at just after 12:30, I don’t think any of us remember much until almost 10am this morning.

We had booked ourselves into the Field Archery at 1pm so plenty of time for a mega breakfast at the Sports bar – thankfully no-one from the previous night was there so we avoided any issues over dancing or karaoke.

The field Archery was INCREDIBLE – the guide (Alex) was spot on with lots of laughter and puns along the way. We would definitely do the archery again should we find ourselves in a position to be able to do so.

Then it was the 2 hour drive home in Charlie to get back to the kids and Grandma / Nard.

Fish finger sandwiches and ice-creams sorted dinner out, bath and then bed for the boys.

Sadly poor Olly seems to have a temperature so we have a feeling he may not be available for school in the morning – let’s just wait and see.

Finally, we have found out that Granddad rugby tackled one of Oliver’s classmates dads at a birthday party that both boys attended on Saturday – we are wondering if we are going to need to apologise or perhaps we just won’t bump into him next week…. 😐

Apparently he was cheating at the game they were playing so a rugby tackle was required to stop him and allow Elliot to take the flag for victory….

Junior Sports Day at Silcoates

This afternoon was the annual Silcoates Juniors Sports Day and daddy managed to get to see the races. The rain thankfully stayed away right until the moment that we all head back to the car park.

Rather incredibly, Olly was on fire today as he managed to bagΒ second place in his egg and spoon race and he WON his running race. Check the video out…


Elly did better this year also and managed the 400m quite well – not in the first pack this year but ran the whole way around and managed a sprint finish πŸ™‚


Congratulations Justin and Jenny

A wonderful day had by all with much laughter and merriment all round.

The venue was lovely, the food great and the entertainment top notch too – well except for the bit when the groom and groomsmen got up for their “show” on the dance floor.

Oliver had us in stitches on several occasions but one that sticks out was just after the ceremony and all were queuing to congratulate the happy couple, Oliver was asked to stand in line to shake uncle Justin’s hand and give auntie Jenny a kiss – his response…

I didn’t come here to do all that la de da stuff.

We were simply stunned – no clue as to where it came from but it was very well delivered.


It has been fab to catch up with grandma, aunties and uncles and cousins and great cousins – we really must get a weekend in the North East in the diary during the summer holidays πŸ™‚

All that is left to say is thanks to Justin and Jenny for sharing their magical day with us and enjoy every single day from here on in.


Charlie is fully protected :-)

Simon has invested 5 hours today and cleaned, decontaminated, clayed, paint cleansed and finally applied two layers of acrylic wax protector to protect her against the elements for a few months. On top of this the wheels have been decontaminated, cleansed and waxed and the tyres cleaned up.

It has to be said, it is a very relaxing way to spend time and the results are sensational – she is looking sharp – Vicky now doesn’t want to drive her to work tomorrow πŸ™ The choice is not available however, as Bruce is heading into see Grant tomorrow for the week to have his paintwork repaired finally πŸ™‚


Finally, here is the mid 2015 fleet in their full glory – looking great πŸ™‚