Boys eye test

The boys were both apprehensive as we waited in the optician’s waiting area yesterday morning – the word test had Elliot worried and Olly was, well, Olly.

Elliot thought that the “cyborg” glasses were awesome and wanted a pair so was somewhat hoping to have vision issues so that he had a reason to make the request…

In the end, both boys have a perfect vision for their age – i.e. a little long sighted – and Elliot actually had the digital photograph of his eyes performs for comparison each couple of years, like they do for Daddy.

So, sadly the vision is not necessarily a reason for Oliver’s handwriting challenges as they suggested at school, so we are back to his just being Olly, and hence being lazy and not bothered one way or the other…

At least their eyes are still good 🙂 Next appointment in October 2017…

Michael McIntyre night

Last night was our evening in Sheffield with Lee, Caroline, Ed and Sharron – we managed to get on the road just afte 5pm, so got sat down at the Coast to Coast restaurant by 6:15 for a nice burger based meal before the show.

The show started at just after 8pm with a warm up act who was a Yorkshireman – pretty funny guy – we had a 25 minute interval before Michael finally came on – he was of course awesome and had us creased with laughter for most of the session. He was on for almost 1.5 hours which sadly disappeared in no time at all.

A great evening out with good friends – need to do more stuff like this 🙂

Hugo’s First Proper Walk

After ordering the en-suite flooring from Brocksons in Ossett, we all head down to Pets at Home in Wakefield to buy Hugo his first lead and a harness for walking.

We then head over to Pugneys Country Park to walk alongside the lake – Hugo was not entirely sure of being walked as he is used to snuffling around the garden at his own pace rather than being pulled in a direction that he was not ready or prepared to go – the harness also annoyed him a little at first although it is WAY better than a choker type or using his standard collar for lead walking.

Once he was used to it however, we got on and had a lovely, if brief walk for 40 minutes or so and we actually decided to let him off the lead to see how he got on. He walked alongside us and behind us as he was more interested in sniffing the grass than taking a walk in honesty, but we all got along great and it can be chalked up as a successful first walk. 

Tomorrow, we will try to get to a different park with him and let him off the lead again – all part of our trying hard to enable Hugo to successfully walk off the lead and hence to not want to run away at first chance..

School Parents Evening

Last night was the first chance for a formal conversation with the teachers at school about how the boys are settling in within their new year groups.

We were somewhat dreading Oliver’s review as his attitude of late at home has been particularly poor – however, we were delighted to hear of his progress in the classroom, and with the usual issues of carpet time listening when sat with certain friends, he is doing really, really well. There is a suggestion that maybe he is struggling with his eye sight, so we are going to get him (well, both of them actually) in for a test in the next few days / week.

Elliot on the other hand is handling year 4 really well and Miss Dix has even suggested that he may not require the extra time out with the Talking House company – we did wonder the same so we are therefore going to take a term out and see how he gets on without it.

All in all, we are very pleased with the progress from the first month in – well done boys – keep it up.