Hugo’s First Proper Walk

After ordering the en-suite flooring from Brocksons in Ossett, we all head down to Pets at Home in Wakefield to buy Hugo his first lead and a harness for walking.

We then head over to Pugneys Country Park to walk alongside the lake – Hugo was not entirely sure of being walked as he is used to snuffling around the garden at his own pace rather than being pulled in a direction that he was not ready or prepared to go – the harness also annoyed him a little at first although it is WAY better than a choker type or using his standard collar for lead walking.

Once he was used to it however, we got on and had a lovely, if brief walk for 40 minutes or so and we actually decided to let him off the lead to see how he got on. He walked alongside us and behind us as he was more interested in sniffing the grass than taking a walk in honesty, but we all got along great and it can be chalked up as a successful first walk. 

Tomorrow, we will try to get to a different park with him and let him off the lead again – all part of our trying hard to enable Hugo to successfully walk off the lead and hence to not want to run away at first chance..

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