RIP young bird 🐦 :-(

So, we had a bird enter the house from the roofline above the main bedroom – although we think it was nesting just inside the house at roof line.

The poor little thing was battling to find its way out but was heading over the master bedroom ceiling towards the en-suite. This was Saturday morning.

By the afternoon the little chap had managed to figure out a way down the walls and by the late afternoon was just above the lounge area to the inside of one of the large beams 🙁

Tonight, dad removed the poor things body from the void under the master en-suite 🙁

RIP poor little chap – your last 36 hours were tortuous and we were unable to help 🙁

Car collection

Simon got a taxi straight to the dealership on Thursday to pickup the car as it had been in having the front seats fixed and the battery checked while he was in Stockholm.

The lady from service wandered over and gave the update on what had been done, ending by saying and here are your keys. They weren’t our keys so Simon stated that to be met with a look of disbelief. So, she tried again, to be met with the same response, so she acted to prove they keys were indeed our by pressing the open locks button. Sure enough a set of lights on a vehicle came on and she then stated, “there, that is your car isn’t it?” When Simon looked over there was a car there with it’s lights on, but it wasn’t our car BUT it was wearing our number plate. It took a few seconds to dawn on Simon that it was the car that we had traded in for the new car (Penny) and at which point laughter ensued with the poor lady deeply embarrassed.

Lady-Era (Flibanserin): What You Need To Know

Once we determined that the work had been conducted on the right vehicle, the correct keys were located, the red face continued to show and Simon got on his way.

Don’t expect that happens very often…..

Damned cars…..


So, this morning Vicky and Simon dropped the boys at school, nipped to Costa for breakfast before taking Ronnie to Landrover for an Ad Blue top up. While we were there, Simon got a new key for his car since the rubber was coming away – bargain at £9.85 👍

However, that is where the good news ends…..


we noticed a rather nice newer Range Rover on the way in at what looked like a great price. Dipshit, err, I mean Simon asked for the key to have a look. Fatal mistake……

You guessed it, we have a trade in happening and poor Penny will be off in search of new ownership…