MoT passed for the big 5

The holiday already seems like a dim and distant memory – at least the weather is not too bad given the time of year….

The videos are taking time to produce I’m afraid as we are so mad busy currently.

The damned Nintendo Wii has taken over in ForkHall – when it gets switched on, and the little Wii Mii’s are on screen Elliot stands pointing at the screen shouting (at the top of his voice) “Look at that!!!” He is less concerned with the games but the little Mii’s can keep him entertained for minutes….

Vicky’s car passed it’s MoT yesterday so that is good news – nothing to fix up either 🙂

Happy New Year to all

Well we have literally just returned from our New Year vacation to Jamaica.  We went along to celebrate a 60th birthday – happy birthday again Greg and thank you from us all for taking us to celebrate with you – in a total party of 17 – a total recipe for disaster we hear to murmur – maybe, but not on this occasion – the Rusts certainly had a wonderful time (we are 99.9% sure all else did also) at the Beaches Boscobel Resort near Ocho Rios in Jamaica.

Photos will be in the gallery soon, but as yet, they are still in the digital camera awaiting downloading – there are so many, we will need to go through them first 🙂