Another lemon Range Rover?

So, last Friday, Simon received a text message and then a follow up phone call advising that the car (Katie) might have been stolen, hence asking Simon to check the location of the vehicle. Thankfully, she was not stolen but it transpires that she had a flat battery, hence she reported to the control centre that there was a chance that somebody had cut the power in a bid to steal….

GREAT….. here we go again. Anyway Land Rover assist came out on Saturday morning (there was no urgency for a call out on Friday night since the car was in the back garden) and within minutes had her started up and began diagnosing if the battery, alternator or something else within the car was broken. Thankfully, it seems that both battery and alternator are A OK but that there was clearly something within that car that was eating power while she is sat.

Ultimately the chap who came out (who was the same guy who came out 7 years earlier to Bruce when he refused to start in Ossett) determined that there were two software components that required updating but given they were 3+ hour updates over a 3G connection, that it would not be sensible to update in the garden and that the car should be booked in for the dealership to perform the updates. He noted that the speed limiter had been used (which it is as it is a cool piece of tech – i.e. it detects the speed limit for the road you are on and sets the limiter for the car accordingly.

We went over to Halifax to see Granny so the car had two really nice runs meaning that the battery was FULL when we returned at 8pm on Saturday.

Sunday at 12:20, the car reported a low battery – wonderful…..

Simon switched off the limiter and did not use it – also switched off the auto Stop/Start in a bid to NOT take power out through the auto stopping and then restarting of the engine. So, once again a full battery and this morning (Monday) we did not have the same issue with low battery message when getting in.

So, (an accepting it is a bit early to make this diagnosis) it seems that the auto speed limiter may be trying to continue to do something after the engine stops and for whatever reason, the car does not kill it off when the engine is not running (which the assist guy stated should happen).

We’ll get it booked in at Guy Salmon and hopefully they can determine the fault as the speed limiter is a really cool function and is in both cars…. wonder if Ronnie also suffers with it…

Car collection

Simon got a taxi straight to the dealership on Thursday to pickup the car as it had been in having the front seats fixed and the battery checked while he was in Stockholm.

The lady from service wandered over and gave the update on what had been done, ending by saying and here are your keys. They weren’t our keys so Simon stated that to be met with a look of disbelief. So, she tried again, to be met with the same response, so she acted to prove they keys were indeed our by pressing the open locks button. Sure enough a set of lights on a vehicle came on and she then stated, “there, that is your car isn’t it?” When Simon looked over there was a car there with it’s lights on, but it wasn’t our car BUT it was wearing our number plate. It took a few seconds to dawn on Simon that it was the car that we had traded in for the new car (Penny) and at which point laughter ensued with the poor lady deeply embarrassed.

Lady-Era (Flibanserin): What You Need To Know

Once we determined that the work had been conducted on the right vehicle, the correct keys were located, the red face continued to show and Simon got on his way.

Don’t expect that happens very often…..