Wind and rain…

Well, the snow is already a distant memory with absolutely none of it left lying around as evidence of it existing at all 🙁

Replaced with rain and wind – and lots of it.  The slide has blown off the kids play centre again today – we need to find a more permanent way to fasten it back on – the screws are simply not holding any more 🙁

Simon managed to wash Bruce this morning just before the damned rain came 🙁 Now the car is sat on the driveway with all sorts of garbage that has blown up onto the body work and stuck (due to the heavy wind and rain) 🙁  Guess the car needed washing and it does not need to go anywhere for a few days so will look clean on the drive for a while….

Emily is in desperate need of cleaning both inside and out… maybe tomorrow…

Snow come and snow GO!!

Friday night saw a large drop of snow on Yorkshire (as accurately predicted for three days by the met office 🙂 ) and so Saturday morning mummy and daddy were shovelling the snow off the drive and shared driveway at the bottom of our drive.  There was around 4 to 5 inches that had appeared overnight so we deemed it smart to get rid of it before it turned to hardened ice.  The weather forecasters had also suggested that it was going to turn to rain during Sunday and hence would vanish.  We didn’t believe that part of it.

We should have heeded the advice and not bothered clearing the snow – the temperature had risen from -6 Celsius on Friday morning all the way to 7 Celsius on Saturday lunchtime.  The rain came overnight on Saturday night so all the snow that we had seen drop on Sunday night was literally completely gone on Sunday morning.  For a moment, we wondered if we had slept for a couple of days….

Elliot and Oliver stayed over at Cuckoos on Saturday night as mummy and daddy were going out for dinner with Granddad David to celebrate his birthday.

We all had a lovely lunch at Cuckoo’s yesterday afternoon and head home in the wet to prepare for school and work today.

It looks very much like we will be getting more rain and lots of heavy winds for the next few days 🙁

Too long off school… :-(

Poor Olly has had too much time off school, what with three weeks Christmas vacation and now the lurgy, he is no longer wishing to go 🙁

Three mornings this week the poor little monkey has done all he can to not stay at school when we have taken him.  Ranging from prolonged toilet visits as soon as we arrive to handing onto daddy’s trouser legs while screaming to not leave him…. 🙁

It is a little heartbreaking to have to leave him but we are certain that he does enjoy it once he has forgotten about being there.

Elliot has similarly decided that he must be poorly since everyone else has been and it might, just might score him some time at home to play on the 3DS some more 🙁

They both seem to have had enough of the cold weather however, and while they do want the snow to stay in the garden, I think that they are both very keen to see it all get a bit warmer when they are outside…


No additional snow and lurgy….

There has not really been any additional snow fall overnight but I don’t thing any of the Fork Hall residents care either way…..

It’s because we are slowly all contracting the lurgy that Olly has brought in 🙁 Daddy is first to fall with it and Elly will be a close second. Mummy thinks she is going to avoid it but I fear she may be delusional on this fact 🙁

Pyjama day is on the cards today 🙂