Too long off school… :-(

Poor Olly has had too much time off school, what with three weeks Christmas vacation and now the lurgy, he is no longer wishing to go 🙁

Three mornings this week the poor little monkey has done all he can to not stay at school when we have taken him.  Ranging from prolonged toilet visits as soon as we arrive to handing onto daddy’s trouser legs while screaming to not leave him…. 🙁

It is a little heartbreaking to have to leave him but we are certain that he does enjoy it once he has forgotten about being there.

Elliot has similarly decided that he must be poorly since everyone else has been and it might, just might score him some time at home to play on the 3DS some more 🙁

They both seem to have had enough of the cold weather however, and while they do want the snow to stay in the garden, I think that they are both very keen to see it all get a bit warmer when they are outside…


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