August Holiday booked – Sandyhills :-)

This afternoon we have booked a weeks holiday in Scotland – in Sandyhills 🙂

We used to go for weeks every summer in the caravan until we started with the waterskiing in 1988 so this is going to be a nostalgic trip for daddy and Granny Cuckoo (who is also coming along as a small thanks for helping us out so much since daddy started his new job).

We are staying in the alpine lodges in the Bar End holiday village – we used to occasionally nip up to Bar End for bar meals on an evening.

To say it is exciting is an understatement – daddy just hopes that the boys like it as much as we all did all those years ago 🙂 when finalising the details over the phone, the lady who took the payment said that the area rally hadn’t changed much over the years so it is probably just the same 🙂

Looking forward to a cheeky apple crumble on the poop deck in the Mariner in Kipford 🙂 

Ed’s Birthday weekend in Middleton on Leven

Finally, it is Ed’s turn to hit the big 4-0 so we have rented a lovely house out in North Yorks for the weekend.

The boys head out on Saturday mid-morning to a place up the coast in Seaham where we got to play in mud buggies for around an hour 🙂

Initially we wer disappointed as the organisers said that we couldn’t use their standard course as it was too muddy 🙁 however, they popped us on a longer course that we think was significantly better 🙂 Take a look at how it turned out 😀

Half way through we stopped and turfed out about 5lbs of mud and ripped up grass 🙂

A sensational day was had with a lovely meal cooked for us in the house by personal chef Matthew Brown – what a fantastic meal…. Will try to find more pictures soon and get them posted.