The Tesla is available so we need to sell Ronnie….

After chasing the leasing company for a week, they have finally confirmed that the Tesla showing in the Tesla app is indeed the one that we will be leasing. So, Ronnie is now up for sale via carwow so let’s see what happens next. of course there has been a dip in the values of Range Rovers so she has less value than we might have liked, but that is the way it goes, right?

We might opt to hold out for the Model Y delivery until after our holiday. Let’s see what happens with the sale and we can decided what to do with the dlivery – first is the changing of the registration plates – we transacted yesterday on that front so should have the new V5C document by midweek 🤞

Model Y *might* be here soon

We received an email earlier today from Tesla advising us that the leasing company had added access to us as ”the driver”. so we accessed the app to find that the car that it is connected to is in Donnington Park….. Not bad considering they told us last week that the car would be delivered in November…..

So, it seems that we might need to do registration transfer from the Velar and sell it……

exciting times….