Lunch at the Dog and Gun in Oxenhope

We set off just as the formula one race was finished (thanks for making us late daddy) and got over to Halifax in time to make it to the table at the restaurant just a few minutes before the booking 🙂

We enjoyed a lovely meal in a very busy restaurant. The food was the usual high quality and we took just over a couple of hours to enjoy the food and company. Next time, daddy has vowed to get the jumbo Haddock and Chips that Elliot and Oliver shared – the thing was a monster and was possibly one of the nicest he has ever tried (clearly needed to check the quality before unleashing it on the boys – part of being a responsible parent) and the boys barely left any behind at all…..

When we got home daddy fitted the replacement side steps onto Bruce and had both cars cleaned on the outside. They are both in dire need of some TLC as they are rather scratched up at the moment sadly 🙁 They will both need a full day to get them back to former glory externally…

The Lion King at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

Gracie’s grandma invited us to join them all at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford to see The Lion King. We had a simply fantastic time and the show was truly out of this world. If you have not seen this show and can find it on near you – DO IT – you will not be disappointed.

We took Gracie and her mummy and daddy out for dinner afterwards as a thank you, but given there were 10 of us (including Euan and his parents) we struggled to find a location that could fit us all in. We ended up at Chiquito’s in Birstall, which we have not had a great deal of success at before. However, the meal was lovely, the company was of course top notch and although the food took an hour to arrive, it was certainly worth it.

A great day all round – thanks to the Box’s for their hospitality – we had a great time.

RIP Max – you have been a great friend and will never be forgotten

Sad news that today was the end of our Big Brown Bear’s run.  He was just too tired and his body had all but given up on him, despite his mind clearly wanting to go on 🙁

The last two weeks have not been fun for the big guy as he struggles to get up and no longer had any interest in eating or playing with either Pepsi or the boys 🙁  Breathing had become tiresome for him and overall his quality of life was degraded to a point that he clearly was not in control any longer 🙁

Thank you for sharing your life with us Max, we love you and will miss you every day buddy – enjoy your sleep now that you are freed from your bodily woes 🙂