Induction booked :-(

So, we saw the midwife today and it has got to the point where they book an induction – just in case he doesn’t arrive in due course.  Simon was amazed that they actually leave it 12 days overdue before inducing in Dewsbury !!!!

So, for those who can count, that makes induction day, Wednesday 13th May 2009.

We REALLY hope that something happens before then – it seems so far away from right now 🙁

Elliot was up for 21/2 hours last night and wanted mummy and only mummy, and it is currently 23:46 and he has just awoken again with a similar need.  Wondering if he is having a nasty dream of some kind.  Let’s hope that it sorts itself out pretty quickly – less good if we have two little boys in the house who are up at all hours, needing mummy’s attention 🙁

Still no closer

OK, so the due date is Friday – Thursday is tomorrow and we have another appointment with the midwife.

Oliver is still as active as ever according to Vicky, which apparently is not a sign of his coming out.  Simon is working at home 3 days this week just in case…

It poured down yesterday and started to look the same this morning, but the sun soon came out and we have enjoyed another beautiful day today.  Elliot and mummy have been out to a soft play centre with Grandma, Auntie Clare and Tyler so Elliot was rather tired when they got back.  He had no problems when it was suggested at 7pm that it was bed time.  He is up there now, hugging the Disney Cars book that he continues to make mummy or daddy read to him EVERY night.  Not sure we actually need to read it any longer – if we had a little more time, we could probably ACT it out !!! Best we don’t suggest that to him, he would have us doing it I fear 🙂

Funny phrase of the moment – BICSITS – this means biscuits to the untrained eye 🙂

Happy Birthday Tyler

Happy 3rd birthday little fella…

Still no signs of Oliver – actual due date is this Friday so he is cutting it fine.  Elliot was all of 15 days late, so we are really hoping that we don’t have another 3 weeks before Oliver shows his face – Vicky is certainly hoping 🙁

He is getting awfully close to being the visitor who has outstayed their welcome, yet continues to eat you out of house and home and not actually putting anything of value into the kitty each week….

On other matters, Tim came over on Saturday and spent a few hours with us – great to see him and he is in good shape for an old guy from Scotland 🙂  Hope to see you again soon buddy.  Elliot has not put down the cars Tim brought for him since 🙁

Simon took the old BBQ and the fridge out of the bar area on the deck on Sunday afternoon, ready to make their way to the scrap yard.  We are deciding what to do with a replacement outdoor grilling device – presently Simon is thinking that we should return to the charcoal type for that proper BBQ cooked food 🙂

How warm??

Yesterday was real shorts and t-shirt weather – Simon and Elliot played out all early afternoon.  Then we had the first BBQ of the season at Grandma and Granddad’s house – so we continued to play out until after 7pm !!!

Then today has been a scorcher – over 24 degrees in Ossett  !!!! Typically Elliot and mummy were shopping so hadn’t realised just how warm it was until they headed out to the car park – then they got the full benefit of black car with black interior 🙂

We just hope that the weather is here to stay for a while and of course that Oliver arrives soon – I guess mummy would rather it stayed a little cooler until Oliver gets here :-  No movement as yet thought 🙁

Happy Birthday Uncle Timmy

Still waiting for little Oliver to demonstrate any keenness to join us all.  The weather was great yesterday, so we were out at the play centre in the morning and then spent all afternoon (after a small sleep) in the garden burying To-Mater and a taxi in the stones in the garden.  Then we had a whole heap of fun (apparently) throwing water at Mummy, Daddy, Pepsi and Max.  Sunday (today) is apparently going to be even better weather…