Still no closer

OK, so the due date is Friday – Thursday is tomorrow and we have another appointment with the midwife.

Oliver is still as active as ever according to Vicky, which apparently is not a sign of his coming out.  Simon is working at home 3 days this week just in case…

It poured down yesterday and started to look the same this morning, but the sun soon came out and we have enjoyed another beautiful day today.  Elliot and mummy have been out to a soft play centre with Grandma, Auntie Clare and Tyler so Elliot was rather tired when they got back.  He had no problems when it was suggested at 7pm that it was bed time.  He is up there now, hugging the Disney Cars book that he continues to make mummy or daddy read to him EVERY night.  Not sure we actually need to read it any longer – if we had a little more time, we could probably ACT it out !!! Best we don’t suggest that to him, he would have us doing it I fear 🙂

Funny phrase of the moment – BICSITS – this means biscuits to the untrained eye 🙂

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