Greg has caused frustration and delight in our household today…….

…. and all done without setting foot in the place….

A week or two ago he mentioned he experienced the beautiful sound of a Range Rover Sport SVR on the motorway recently and how awesome it sounded.

Fast forward a week or so and we can confirm the impending delivery of a beautiful silver SVR on Tuesday next week.

Literally See You Next Tuesday you awesome beast – we are of course sorry to see Reggie leave us, but this is a dream that needed to be realised.

Mother’s Day Lunch

We just enjoyed a terrific Mother’s Day lunch in our own dining room.

we ordered a take away from Bionic Chef in Shelley – we have heard some wonderful things about the menus from here so Simon decided to try it for today.

This truly was an eating out experience while doing so in our own dining room – we had a time slot to collect that food, where our name was clearly visible along with our three courses all labelled up appropriately. When we got home, we simply popped the main courses into the oven at 155C and enjoyed the starters.

Elliot enjoyed a salmon dinner and the rest of us a Beef dinner – everything was beautifully presented and tasted divine – even the Yorkshire puddings were perfect right down to crisp shell, yet scrumptious.

For desert we enjoyed two cheesecakes, a chocolate mousse and a sticky toffee pudding.

The cheesecakes were perhaps the nicest we have EVER eaten…..

We must go back here soon and are now very definitely looking forward to being able to eat in their restaurant later in the year.

Just WOW

Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all the mothers, grandmothers and mothers to be a wonder filled day.

You bring wonder to our world on a daily basis and we truly appreciate all that you do for us all

For us specifically, we hope that mum, grandma and cuckoo have a sunshine filled day and although we won’t see grandma and cuckoo, we still hope you enjoy the peace and quiet nonetheless

We are looking forward to the delights from the Bionic Chef later this afternoon – see the menu below…

Oliver’s Parents Evening

Last night was Oliver’s turn for a remote parents evening – 5 mins with each teacher in an online solution that essentially just slices the connection when the countdown time reaches 00:00. It was from 6pm to 7:30pm and had a 10 or so minute break roughly half way through.

While online school has clearly overall had a negative impact for Olly, most of his teachers seem to be impressed with his attitude and general connection to the class during the remote time.

He is doing OK and (similar to his brother and father I hasten to add) his main challenge is in his desire to spend more time on a subject writing down better descriptive text. This was a common theme across all classes so we have something to focus in on.

Art and DT seem to be his achilles heal at the moment – a little more energy required here.

Overall, we are really pleased with progress although poor Olly had the two negative convos at the end of the evening so he didn’t have the luxury of it ending on the high that it has experienced throughout sadly.