GREAT to be home

Today has been a VEEERRRRRYYYYY long day – we have just (well 2 hours ago) got back from the airport from the long trip home from Las Vegas.

The journey was as follows:

Taxi to Vegas International Airport, Shuttle to Chicago O’Haire International, from there to Manchester International and then drive home – once collected by Frank – thanks Frank for collecting us, looking after the car and most importantly to your parents for putting on the breakfast πŸ™‚

We collected Pepsi and Max from Grandma’s on the way home – thanks Grandma for looking after the boys for the last 3 weeks – we will call by next weekend with gifts πŸ™‚

Elliot slept for 1 hour on the first flight, for about 4 on the main flight and then about another 4 in the car when we got back πŸ™‚

Simon got a couple of hours on the main flight and Vicky – well, unfortunately, Vicky got about 10 mins on the main flight πŸ™

So, Elliot is FULL OF BEANS right about now, Vicky is absolutely knackered BUT still has enough energy to try to find the UGG boots online that she was unable to locate in the Vegas Malls πŸ™‚

After 3 weeks away, IT IS GREAT TO BE HOME

Happy Birthday Clare

Well, yesterday we all walked the entire length of “The Strip” so are nursing swollen painful feet πŸ™‚

We have stopped by all of the known suspects – The Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York, MGM Grand, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, The Mirage, Treasure Island, The Venetian, Wynns, and Circus Circus.

We had just passed the Bellagio and who should we come across? Get a load of this picture – Vicky was over the moon – the guy is a lot shorter in reality than the TV would have you believe……

How cool is that ?

Well we had a great day but are tres tired – looking forward to seeing the Shark Reef @ the Mandalay Bay today and the Lions in the MGM Grand.Β  We probably won’t get around to going to the shooting range as it is not quite just around the corner as we had been lead to believe πŸ™‚

We may not get the chance to post any more before we head home, but will try ….

Vegas and Children do NOT mix

Vegas is 100% NOT setup for small children – it is official.

No milk warming facilities, the fridge cannot be used to house anything bar the beer etc that is in it – if you move ANYTHING in the fridge – you have JUST bought it – be very aware of this.Β  The hotel staff came up to the room to figure out how we had consumed 4 bottles of beer when there are only two in that specific brand – simple – we moved them to put some milk in – then put them back again – result – 30US Dollars of charges that need removing from the bill….. Surely we are not the first people to have done that ??

The conference is 50% of the way through and seems to have been successful so far – the session that we have attended have been well attended and pretty informative – Simon not really seen much of Vegas yet – looking forward to Thursday afternoon and Friday for that … πŸ™‚

Elliot seems to be a hit with everybody he meets – nearly everyone wants to stop Vicky to say hello to the little guy – he pretty pleased with himself as you could believe.

Vegas baby !!

We are here !!! πŸ™‚

We arrived at 1am this morning – the flight was a little delayed πŸ™

Poor Louis nearly shat (again) when some dude in a stupid straw hat approached him at the check in desk at that hour πŸ™‚

The hotel is very nice – but is MASSIVE ……

The guys have been off shooting all sorts of guns – handguns (magnum) and semi automatic rifles etc.Β  Apparently the magnum and the AK-47 are the tools of choice ……. oh my…..

Elliot slept OK on the flight and poor Vicky got no sleep at all – Elliot then slept nicely for 6 hours or so once we got him fed and watered and seems ready to go today….

Simon is now at work (or will be in 10 mins and Vicky is going to go and figure the lay of the land and find out what there is around to do etc. Think shooting some serious weapons may well figure towards the end of the week πŸ™‚

Last day in Orlando, viva Las Vegas

Yesterday was our last FULL day in Orlando and we spent it in style – the whole day in the Disney Animal Kingdom Park.Β  The sun was late in arriving which gave us the opportunity to enjoy the park without sweating our cobs off.Β  The Everest ride was simply awesome – Vicky, BeccaΒ  and Simon had a ball on the ride – the FASTPASS situation helped save a massive queue – simply put your ticket in, get a return time and get straight on – nice πŸ™‚

Elliot slept for what seemed like the first half of the day so missed a few things, but was awake for the Disney Parade through the park – he was dancing and clapping and laughing at the characters as they came by.Β  He was also awake for the journey on the back of a large truck around the animal areas – we all saw Lions, Elephants, Hippos and the like – all Elliot saw was the pretty girl sat next to him and mummy – he was just playing the little shy boy with her the whole trip – little monkey…..

We are currently packing our bags ready for the journey up to Vegas, and have found that we need a new bag – we will be heading out to find a suitable item tres soon…