The last few days…

Yesterday we visited Busch Gardens in Tampa ( – it was a really cool day – we started off with the railway journey around the park where Elliot got to see Zebras, Elephants, Rhynos, Pelicans, Hyenas and other small African animals etc.  After the ride we saw the Elephants again – Elliot was awe-inspired – wait for the video and you’ll see what we mean….

It got to around 40-42 degrees Celsius on the day so we absolutely sweltered and drank what felt like a couple of gallons of liquid each.  Elliot drank more than Vicky and Simon put together !!!!

Then today, we have been to Wet and Wild water park in Orlando – we were actually rained off this evening but still managed to have a great time.  Elliot has found water slides and loved going on the little (8ft) slide.  The Becca took him on the longer slide – she was told off because two people are not allowed to ride together – so we let him go solo.  Again he loved it – Granddad caught him just before he reached the pool at the bottom – amazing that a one year old cannot slide with a responsible other, BUT CAN go on the slide on their own …..

Don’t worry we only let him have one go – we’re not totally irresponsible..

Tomorrow – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park – bring it on….

Fun, fun, fun – just who is the child in the Rust household?

Last night was truly fantastic at “Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party” in Magic Kingdom – Elliot managed to stay awake for the entire marching parade where he saw and danced with all of the characters that we all know and love.  We have captured most of it on video so that should be really cool as a reminder to him.

We went around and then met the characters up front and personal and went trick or treating – collected three large bags full of candy etc.

It was probably the best part of the entire two weeks since we were not expecting it, and had a ball – in the end we spent 5 hours in a Disney Park and did not sit on one single ride.

We sat and watched the fireworks display that was going on all over the park – Elliot was mesmerised by the noise and colourful stuff in the dark dark sky.

We ended up not getting back to the hotel until gone 1am (clearly a visit to McDonalds was customary on the way home 🙂 ) and slept until 9:30 this morning 🙂

Today has been a lazy day of breakfast and then browsing the shops etc on International Drive – almost bought Simon and Elliot some cowboy boots – I said ALMOST !! 🙂

Tomorrow is Busch Gardens (which is going to be really cool), then Friday in a water park (still up in the air as to which one), Saturday Animal Kingdom and Sunday shopping in Downtown Disney before heading on to Las Vegas in the evening….


The mini-golf was awesome fun – we all had a ball – I think 🙂

Yesterday we had a fabulous lunch at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, took a cool river boat ride around Downtown Disney, and then Vicky Elliot and Simon shopped around the Downtown Disney shops. It was a simply wonderful afternoon as we moseyed around the shops checking out all of the hundreds of things that we simply “just need”.

Then, to finish it all off, we went to Old Town and found another outdoor play centre for adults – a dragster ride was available – 0-110MPH in 2 seconds apparently – WOW.

Clare dragged us all there because she needed to have a go on the SKYRIDE – a 300 feet high tower where the rider is strapped in and simply freefalls forwards and through two more 300 feet tall towers like a pendulum.  Apparently Simon promised to do it 12 months ago so his hand was forced to do it. 35$ later, and they were strapped in and ready to go – Clare was definitely bricking it as we were lowered into position, Simon’s left arm was struggling with circulation when Clare grabbed it for dear life.  The ride was exhilarating – Vicky hopefully captured the majority of it on video – we’ll see shortly I guess……

Oh and tonight, we are going trick or treating at Magic Kingdom with all of the characters – we just hope Elliot will be able to stay awake to see it all..

Arsing about on go-karts

Today we have been mostly arsing about on go-karts – however before we get on to that a quick photo from yesterday.  We were minding our own business having some breakfast – yes another all you can eat buffet – and who should wander into say hello, but PLUTO – Elliot thought it was ace from 20 yards, a little less keen up close and personal……

Today, we have spent the majority of the day in outdoor arcades racing on go-karts and soaking each other on bumper boats.  The go-karts are pretty smart with multiple level race circuits – even if the karts are a little under powered, it is a lot of fun.

Mini-Golf is a callin’ tonight along with a few cheeky beers in Hooters Simon thinks…..

Spend, spend, spend…

We have spent a fortune – on what we are not sure – we have nothing to show for it – it has been fun though 🙂

The trip to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure was a great day – all paid for by nobody 🙂 A real mix up with the tickets we bought ensured a free entrance and upgraded tickets for our waiting around – awesome.

Greg then treat Vicky, Clare, Frank and the girls to a nice projectile vomit session while on the Spiderman ride (that was it – no more rides for Greg on that day ….) while Simon sat outside pouring the beer that took sometime to get hold of (the buggers wouldn’t serve him without ID) all over the floor – doh.

There is so much still to do, Beach trip, Mini golf, go-karting, Magic Kingdom to name those on the top of our heads that need some for of access granting.

We are having a lazy night in tonight since Elliot is knackered and really needs to sleep, Simon feels a little queasy and Vicky is pissed at Simon for buying yet more pointless crap