Wow – what a weekend – a scorcher…

This must have been the warmest weekend this year – not a cloud in the sky on either day.

Simon (of course) managed to burn his chest and shoulders, oh yes, and his gut 🙂 on Saturday.  Will he be doing it again? Probably..

We managed to get TWO BBQ’s in as well 🙂

We tried to take the boys shopping on Saturday afternoon, but Elliot kicked of in Next as he wanted all of the JCB toys they had and had what was probably the biggest whinging fit he has ever had – Simon ended up putting him back in the car and waiting for Vicky.  Only to Find that Oliver decided that it was time to eat – yes, it was a short lived shopping excursion 🙁

We took Elliot swimming today for the first time in a few weeks – he loved it.

This weekend, Elliot has found the humour involved in wetting others with a quantity of water from say, a small jug.  Pepsi, Max and Daddy have all been tests for Elliot to soak from a distance and then where possible from close up.

It seems the some of the clothes that we have purchased recently for Oliver will have to go back – the little monkey has been growing fairly significantly 🙂 Now he has the taste for scoobies, there is apparently little stopping him.

Officially discharged :-)

The midwife came around this morning, confirmed that Oliver has put on a further 200g in two days and has officially discharged him, so we do not need to sit in waiting for the midwives any more – hooray 🙂  Over to the health visitors.

Oliver is also now signed up with the dentist and is officially the youngest patient on their books.

Blood tests – Vicky is back in hospital for a little visit :-(

Vicky and Oliver went back in to Pinderfields today to sort out the blood tests (again) and it seems that the staff were ready willing AND able on this occasion – in and done in under 30 minutes – hooray !!

Only to find Oliver wouldn’t leave until he had been fed 🙂

Vicky was advised that if we didn’t hear from the hospital today, then we would be in the clear.  Incidentally Oliver put on a further 100g (or so – midwife’s scales reckoned a further 130g and the hospital ones a further 80g) and so the new regime of breast milk and then a top up if he requests it seems to be working well 🙂  So he is now 8lbs flat which is a real result.

Elliot went to Grandmas for a swim this afternoon so is full of it presently – although is very tired – we have put him down for a sleep at 7pm and hope that he gets more than 12hours kip tonight.

Simon and Elliot are due to visit the dentist in the morning, and we will see if we can register Oliver while we are there

Blood tests – and a Bank Holiday

The midwife requested that we took Oliver in to see a paediatrician just to be safe – since he has only gained 10g since the last midwife check.  So, we were in Pinderfields shortly after 13:30 on Sunday – we waited until 16:30 before we actually got to see the doctor (pretty frustrating really) but they decided all looked OK, but that they would take a blood sample and do some checks against it – to ensure Oliver’s sodium levels were OK.  So, we were then allowed to leave and that the results would be back in an hour or two, and that somebody would call us.

We ended up calling back at 17:00 today (so 24 hours later) so see what the status was – seems that we had been forgotten about and now we have to go back tomorrow (or Vicky and Oliver do) and go through the whole ordeal again.  Great.  The efficiency of the NHS never seems to surprise us.

On other matters Simon has dragged most of the ivy off the fence in the back garden and has managed to (shock) NOT damage himself in the process.  He usual receives some form of gardening injuries whenever he is doing anything of value in the garden 🙂

Did we speak too soon??!!?? :-(

The little monkey did not put any weight on for his weigh-in on Friday 🙁  The good news is that he didn’t lose any weight either but still, the signs are not quite as positive as we would have liked.

Vicky has started issuing Oliver with the odd additional top up, but is very keen to continue with booby scoobies.  The current issue could well be that if he gets too used to the bottle, then he will potentially get lazy and then be not too bothered about booby scoobies since he has to work much harder to obtain that sort of food.

Bank Holiday weekend, and thus far it has been pretty overcast – not quite the red hot sunshine that we have been promised by the meteorological folks 🙁

Still, there are two more days left in the weekend – you never know….