Wow – what a weekend – a scorcher…

This must have been the warmest weekend this year – not a cloud in the sky on either day.

Simon (of course) managed to burn his chest and shoulders, oh yes, and his gut 🙂 on Saturday.  Will he be doing it again? Probably..

We managed to get TWO BBQ’s in as well 🙂

We tried to take the boys shopping on Saturday afternoon, but Elliot kicked of in Next as he wanted all of the JCB toys they had and had what was probably the biggest whinging fit he has ever had – Simon ended up putting him back in the car and waiting for Vicky.  Only to Find that Oliver decided that it was time to eat – yes, it was a short lived shopping excursion 🙁

We took Elliot swimming today for the first time in a few weeks – he loved it.

This weekend, Elliot has found the humour involved in wetting others with a quantity of water from say, a small jug.  Pepsi, Max and Daddy have all been tests for Elliot to soak from a distance and then where possible from close up.

It seems the some of the clothes that we have purchased recently for Oliver will have to go back – the little monkey has been growing fairly significantly 🙂 Now he has the taste for scoobies, there is apparently little stopping him.

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