Home Again :-)

Just got home from the trip – we are all very tired – pictures will be on their way but sleep is required first…

Big thanks to Vicky, Jon and Mia for putting up with us for the week and to New York City for not punishing Vicky’s feet TOO much – the blisters will recover real soon now :-).

New York trip is underway…

Vicky and Elliot are in New York with Vickii and Mia, Simon and Jon are presently in Columbus, Ohio.

We were all in NY on Sunday and Simon and Elliot spent a small fortune in the Ralph Lauren store – Vicky is yet to spend anything at all 🙁  Suspect that the balance will be redressed when we are all in New York city later today 🙂

The weather over here is nice and hot albeit cloudy

Simon and Jon have a 3 hour wait for their flight back to New York LaGuardia, and will then meet the rest of the families over at the hotel tonight on the Jersey side of the Hudson river.

New York’sa callin’

But this time Vicky and Elliot are coming too 🙂  Pepsi and Max are visiting Grandma for a week, while the rest of us head out to the big apple.

Simon has some business to do and Vicky has significant shopping to do… Look out New York

Father’s Day was very kind to Simon this year – Elliot pulled out the stops and bought Simon a really cool Mont Blanc Skywalker pen – OK so it all starts here as an agenda item for next week has now become a Mont Blanc shop as Simon has decided that a notebook will also be required…. groan, when does it stop….

What HAD he been doing?

A night out with the DACH InnerCircle group and THIS happens…..

Simon apologised profusely for eating with his knife (apparently 450 years ago, this was heavily frowned upon in Munich as the fingers were the tools of choice), but the server was just not interested.  Next thing Simon knew, this wooden contraption was wrapped on and the lecturing continued – as you can tell, Simon simply nodded as if he understood a word that was coming out of the guys mouth….


Home for the weekend, Edinburgh for 3 days at the Citrix iForum event and Simon is now in Munich (via Frankfurt) 🙂  Long day yesterday that ended in a situation where the allotted taxi had decided to not wait for Simon, so he joined a queue of almost 100 people all waiting for cabs.  The office (and hence Hotel) for the Munich office is only a couple of miles away, so the cab drivers are less than keen to go there as they can earn more money from City Centre gigs – Simon conned a driver to take him to the hotel, and when the guy found out it was only around the corner he was not best pleased – ended up being a journey at 100MPH with screeching tyres etc.

Elliot and Vicky are at home with nasty colds so we can guess that Simon will get home on Friday, catch the cold on its way out and then in a week or so re-introduce it – just before we all head out to New York for the week – GREAT 🙁

Next week, Simon is at home all week – yay ! Elliot will be pleased – it really is hard going away for weeks at a time, knowing that he is giving Vicky a hard time because daddy not there 🙁