Another week begins

We saw or felt rather the temperature rise to around 94 or 96 degrees yesterday.

We were out on the bikes when it was approximately 88 degrees and Simon definitely felt it, given that he tows both boys in the trailer… It genuinely felt like there were a couple of additional rocks in the trailer from the last time we were out – if this is a sign of a fitness challenge, then Simon has a LOOOONNNNG way to go unfortunately.

Then to top it all, when we got home little Olly was asleep in the trailer, but had delivered a sleep crap – it had unfortunately decided that it was not to be contained by his nappy – oh yes readers, it had escaped down his right leg and transferred onto the seating in the trailer 🙁  Not only this but given the temperature, it was super heated…..

We are fast chasing the guys back in the UK with the weather now – since we have returned to CA from FL, we have found it to be over 80 degrees every day, with little clouds on any day.  Typical that the summer that we chose to leave the UK is the best summer in the UK in as many years as we can all remember 🙁

The sun doth shine :-)

The weather in Los Gatos area has been terrific this week – high 70’s in temperature, a light breeze and ZERO humidity 🙂

Simon bought an Apple MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago and is finally getting the hang of the thing.  He claims that it performs slightly better than his previous laptop, and he fits in better in Silicon Valley with it 🙂 Y, OK, just a sales pitch says Vicky…. 🙁

We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the bikes and stuff.

We had a great time in Florida but it is GOOD to be back home

A BIG thank you to Jon, Vicki and Mia for having us for just over two weeks – we had a great time with you guys.

Ft Lauderdale was HOT, VERY HOT, and VERY humid  We got back late last night to no humidity and cool air – it was very refreshing :-).  Shame it took Simon 1.5 hours to find the car in the car park – baring in mind he parking it specifically so that we would be able to easily find it and get home quickly 🙁  MUPPET

Simon went out to New Orleans, New York and Chicago with Jon over the two weeks, with Vicky and the boys staying in Ft Lauderdale with Vicki and Mia.

Ollie is NOT yet walking although his personality and attitude is coming through nice and strong 🙂 Two days before we were due to go, Ollie picked up on Croup – the local doctor gave him a “shot” and said he was OK to travel – the shot definitely fixed him up and he was good for the flight to FL.  Within a few more days, he sorted himself out – but it was worrying for a little while 🙁  He has also had temperatures, the runs and sickness while we have been away – oh joy of joys.  Elli not experienced any of the above…

Ellie had a few good opportunities to swim in Mia’s pool and is slowly progressing again – i.e. he has become less worried about getting water in his face etc, and was getting rather confident in his abilities 🙂  <Maybe when we are up with our lease on the white house, we will look for something with a little garden and a pool 🙂

We have been to many splash parks in FL, a safari park (Lion Country Safari Park in West Palm Beach – was V COOL), the beach and tres amounts of shopping.

In fact while we were aw we bought Vicky two (yes that’s right TWO) nice diamond rings – the bling is incredible and the deal was pretty good too.  She certainly appears very pleased with the acquisition, although Simon is aware that the diamond situation is probably not yet over.

Elliot has learned a new phrase, although none of us know where it came from – basically, if he suggests that he “is going to put a smack on you”, I think you understand what he is proposing to do…

Finally, we are 23 big sleeps from heading back to the UK for a little while – Simon for one week and Vicky and the boys for three.  So we need to plan what we are going to do for the two week that Grandma and Granddad are with us in mid August.  Simon thinks that a cruise to Hawaii sounds great, but we also are considering renting an RV to head down to coast to LA.  This seems to be gaining desirability from all else as well 🙂

Almost ready to head to Florida

We had a great weekend – lots of stuff done and most of it out of the house..

It seems that we do have some form of ant infestation, but only in the cupboard under the stairs so mummy has zapped them all – we’ll wait a few days before popping the toys back in there 🙂

Mummy has also been v busy checking out the local schools for Elly – presently a place called Stratford School in Los Gatos is favourite, and as a bonus is only 2 miles from home. We will have to pay for it, but it seems that we will have to pay regardless as free schooling does not arrive until the kids are almost 6 years old….

Hopefully we will both go and see the place before we head out to Florida on Saturday.

5 mile bike ride this evening to check out the school etc – nice and flat for a lot of the roads around here, and at 6:30pm, they are very quiet 🙂 Was nice at 72 degrees as well 🙂  The weather has definitely turned for the better here in Los Gatos

Had to buy a new disk drive for the Wii this week since the previous one just stopped working – Elliot was clearly non-too-happy about losing the ability to play motorbikes Wii 🙁  75USD found a suitable replacement – downside – the games were lost – fortunately new friend Jason has a handy supply so we are back online…. Thanks Jason

Facebook is an incredible tool – have found and contacted a heap of old friends this week – would never have been able to do that without the use of this tool.