Almost ready to head to Florida

We had a great weekend – lots of stuff done and most of it out of the house..

It seems that we do have some form of ant infestation, but only in the cupboard under the stairs so mummy has zapped them all – we’ll wait a few days before popping the toys back in there 🙂

Mummy has also been v busy checking out the local schools for Elly – presently a place called Stratford School in Los Gatos is favourite, and as a bonus is only 2 miles from home. We will have to pay for it, but it seems that we will have to pay regardless as free schooling does not arrive until the kids are almost 6 years old….

Hopefully we will both go and see the place before we head out to Florida on Saturday.

5 mile bike ride this evening to check out the school etc – nice and flat for a lot of the roads around here, and at 6:30pm, they are very quiet 🙂 Was nice at 72 degrees as well 🙂  The weather has definitely turned for the better here in Los Gatos

Had to buy a new disk drive for the Wii this week since the previous one just stopped working – Elliot was clearly non-too-happy about losing the ability to play motorbikes Wii 🙁  75USD found a suitable replacement – downside – the games were lost – fortunately new friend Jason has a handy supply so we are back online…. Thanks Jason

Facebook is an incredible tool – have found and contacted a heap of old friends this week – would never have been able to do that without the use of this tool.

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