Sleep is good

Two great night’s sleep – awesome stuff.

Today is the big day – Elliot is going to the quack’s for his first proper injections – we are not looking forward to this one much, let me tell you.

Grandma and Great Grandma came round last night, but he was asleep so we are going over to see them at Grandma’s on Saturday now.

A little accident with a pan left on the hob set the smoke detectors off this morning – poor little soul was really shocked by it – took 30 minutes of comforting to settle him 🙁

No lasting harm done though

Elliot has been and had the injections and we managed to escape with a little scream that lasted 10 seconds and then all was well again.  Next appointment is for 18th Jan 2007, so he has a nice break from the nasty needle.

On other good news, he is now allowed to go swimming – he did not actually need the injections for it, so he could have been swimming already by now…. 🙁

No slot cars from Christmas… :-(

Holidays are officially over 🙁

Elliot did not sleep right through last night, but has made up for it during the day – he did seem really tired as he went to bed tonight @ 7pm as well – seems really strange for Simon, having spent 2 full weeks with the little guy to be demoted to simply putting him to bed at night.  Looking forward to the weekend already….

Grandma and Great Grandma are coming to see him tomorrow night, so maybe he’ll stay up late and have cheese before bed 🙂

Vicky seems adamant that Elliot will not need or thank us for a Slot Car racing set this year, or next ….. or the year after, and apparently not even the year after that 🙁



The last day of the break – and we went to the WETHERBY WHALER :-).  Simon foolishly went for the full Whale – a tad too big really.  Then he was ‘pushed’ into a desert – there was no need !!!

Elliot is definitely beginning to teeth now as he has 2 or 3 mega screaming sessions during the day for apparently no reason.  He has more recently taken to salivating a lot and chewing his hands – apparently all good signs of teething.  We have some gel called CalGel (looks and has similar effects of Bonjella) that really seems to nail the issue within 4 or 5 seconds following deployment.  You can almost see the signs of relief in the little guy’s eyes.

We are sitting here thinking, Christ, we have ONLY just got him to sleep through, and in his own room, and now we have teething to help us no end during the day 🙁

Christmas is obviously just around the corner, and we are hoping that those who really want to buy for us this year, just put some cash to one side to put in Elliot’s bank account – it is ready for donations as we type…

We really have got enough clothes to last through until March at this rate – we really appreciate all those who have gifted us with clothes – thank you very much since most people have chosen a size that we are not quite ready for which of course means that we have a wonderful spattering of different clothes in different sizes.

Also, his trust fund cheque has come through so we need to get that one sorted out pretty soon as well.

Maiden Voyage

Only one more day of Simon’s holiday is left 🙁 for Simon, 🙂 for Vicky and Elliot.

Finally, we have had the maiden voyage – please see the pictures for more info.  Elliot fell asleep nicely within 15 minutes and thereby caused us to extend the walk – unfortunately this had the unforeseen issue of causing Vicky’s shoe to rub the skin off her ankle – OUCH.

Road trip – Birmingham

Today we headed down to just North of Birmingham to see Matt, Sara, Eleanor and Jessica for the day.  All are well and it was great to catch up again with Matt and Sara – they have a new house and have actually decorated the whole place in just 10 days – amazing feat given that there are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, three reception rooms and a kitchen !!!

Elliot in his own room for the second night now – the new monitor works great