Sleep is good

Two great night’s sleep – awesome stuff.

Today is the big day – Elliot is going to the quack’s for his first proper injections – we are not looking forward to this one much, let me tell you.

Grandma and Great Grandma came round last night, but he was asleep so we are going over to see them at Grandma’s on Saturday now.

A little accident with a pan left on the hob set the smoke detectors off this morning – poor little soul was really shocked by it – took 30 minutes of comforting to settle him 🙁

No lasting harm done though

Elliot has been and had the injections and we managed to escape with a little scream that lasted 10 seconds and then all was well again.  Next appointment is for 18th Jan 2007, so he has a nice break from the nasty needle.

On other good news, he is now allowed to go swimming – he did not actually need the injections for it, so he could have been swimming already by now…. 🙁

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