All great grandparents together

Day trip to Halifax to meet all the great grandparents at the same time.

EJ has not slept much today so we hope that we get a full night tonight – however tonight is the FIRST night in his cot properly (i.e. without the crib being placed inside said cot) so who knows what will happen.

We have the family videos from when Simon was a little boy, so we are going to get them converted to digital and who knows, one or two of them may well appear online in the not too distant future….

It looks like Ossett Christmas lights are being officially switched on tonight – a shame we got back when we did because we could have nipped down there with the pram and the dogs – looks like a good night was being had by those already there.  We may well start to put our Christmas tree and stuff up tonight, and most certainly will do it tomorrow.

The window cleaner caught up with us – £60 was the damage – thankfully he seemed not bothered that he never catches us – and he hasn’t resorted to smearing crap on the windows so I guess he trusts us to not run away 🙂 Perhaps at £75 we are in a different league – will try to not test out the theory.

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