Merry Christmas

Well, here we have Elly and Daddy on Christmas Day – would you believe that Christmas 2007 is over already ?

The gifts were great……

The train is awesome – Elliot loves it although he is struggling to keep his hand on the on button (which is required in order to keep it going 🙂 )

Finally, we all enjoyed the lunch – yes, that’s right we ALL enjoyed the lunch….

Merry Christmas everyone

Christmas is almost here already – wow – doesn’t time fly?

Elliot stayed overnight last night at Grandmas house – he promptly removed a large section of the border in the Nursery while waiting for his ride down to the milking station…..  To top it all he then poured porridge oats all over the kitchen floor – a full box – nice 🙂 He may not be getting an invitation to stay again….

He stayed because Vicky and Simon went on Simon’s works Christmas Party at Tatton Park in Cheshire – a great night was had by all concerned.

Santa Special in Worth Valley

Another week – gone…

This last weekend we had a great time – on Saturday we visited Santa on his Steam Special at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway which was a really cool trip.


A shame it rained but that did not detract from the fun onboard.

 We were sat down on the train for about 1 hour and Elliot was loving it until the guy dressed as a reindeer showed – no worries from one end of the compartment to the other – Elliot was waving and laughing – little did he realise that the reindeer would stop by and say hello (or something like hello) – woa – that was the bit that was less good to the little guy.  And THEN to top it all off some jolly big guy with a large white beard and a big red suit came over to say hello too.  Too much…. Needless to say Elliot found new ways to cling to Simon – put it this way, there would be no peeling Elliot off daddy for some time 🙂

We will definitely be doing that trip again next year and will try to get to the railway again in the summer months.

Rusty Men

December – ALREADY !!!! Wow – where has the time gone?

Elliot FINALLY met his Uncle Tim at the weekend – Tim was (and still is) down from Skye for a few days so we popped over to Grandma Rust’s for lunch on Saturday.

Was nice to get three generations of Rust boys together –


OK, so just where WAS Simon looking and what the hell is happening with his arm then ? Something about not having anywhere to put it – apparently … :-S