Vicky has her COVID vaccination scheduled….

So after making a big fuss of clearly how old Simon is (as he has now had his vaccination), Vicky got a text from the doctor to state that they are primed to supply hers…..

She is scheduled in for Friday this week in the afternoon – but has the luxury of it taking place at the actual doctor surgery rather than (like Simon) in a car park….

Dad has first vaccination and the Ghost is installed

Today has been an interesting day – starting with Vinnie having a Ghost installed – fingers crossed it just works and doesn’t cause any issues for us in the mean time – v cool however that there car will not start at all even with trhe key – there is no evidence of anything – just that the car does not even try to start itself….

Then, later in the day, Dad has been in for the first of the vaccinations – quick and easy process in Morrison’s carpark in Wakefield – really smart setup they have going on there in Pharmacy2U. No messing, just in, quick few key questions and then boom you are done – he was in and out in under 10 minutes and then needed to wait in the beautiful sunshine for 15 just to be sure that it had landed OK. Now just the wait for any potential side effects and of course round 2 – currently scheduled for July 2nd.