Little extravagant shopping :-)

Wowee – it has been real British spring weather here in the bay this last week – torrential rain and high winds.  Thankfully this morning all faith is restored – blue sky and sunshine – doesn’t feel too warm yet mind you.

We heading out for a nice meal tonight with the Folks in Los Gatos, so that will be nice – nice steakhouse – yay!  We have found a baby sitter so hoping that works out well for us also – perhaps we will get out a little more frequently from now on…..

We have given the tenants of the house in Ossett notice but allowed them 3 additional months to find alternative lodgings, so the house will be back with us in the summer.  Tim is planning to come south and move in with Pepsi and Max for a while so it will be nice to have the house back in Rust ownership through and through – although I think we need to put a new kitchen in since the majority of the doors are cracked and therefore need replacing – guess it is handy we have a few dollars of funding behind us now… 🙁

We are also thinking of buying something here in Los Gatos – I guess time will tell….

We went diamond shopping this afternoon, and while Elly and Olly (well Olly really) were less keen on the task, mummy was only too pleased to visit the shop 🙂

We have uplifted the diamonds in the ring that we bought in Florida so that there is a nice 1 carat diamond in the middle setting along with two slightly smaller items to sit either side.  Mummy has also procured a new ring that has white and then black diamonds in it – it will look really nice alongside the existing two rings and will pull together with the watch that Vicky got at our 10th wedding anniversary.  On top of this we have managed to get two new earrings in the deal as well 🙂 All in all, a good shopping session I think….. Got to wait 3 or so weeks until we get the rings back – think it might just be the longest  weeks in life so far…. 🙂

6 more months in Torrey Pines…

We have extended our lease on the current house in CA today for a further 6 months – the thinking being that we have looked around for the last 6 weeks finding not a lot.  The whole task of actually moving being too great to bear.  We will consider looking to buy somewhere over the summer time.

Planning a Maui holiday in August…. Niiiice !!!!! 🙂

Nice loooonnnnng weekend

Daddy had another day off work today, so we lounged around this morning and then head out for a bike ride (Elly is not doing too bad on his bike – hea just needs to learn to concentrate more and look where he is going – he tends to want to look back to ensure that he is “winning” and consequently falls off 🙁 ) and play in the park this afternoon.  We have had a nice family meal tonight and will be cracking open some Champagne later – we have taken receipt of a nice little earner from the sale of some stock last week.  Simon has his eye on a nice IWC watch, Vicky a new bag and a bigger diamond ring 🙂 and the boys some cash to build out their wealth a little.

Check out this dude – he was NOT impressed when the run came to an end – screamed with delight ALL the way down the run as well 🙂

Never seen so much snow…

We just got back this morning (well 12:30am) from a three day trip to Tahoe, CA with the Folks.

We left on Friday morning, to make the 250 mile trip into the mountains, and the rain was heavy as we left Los Gatos.  This was snow in the mountains, and it is believed that 2ft dropped over night the night before we set off.  This was 100% believable – it took us 10.5 hours to make that trip (including 2 hours of stop off for lunch and refuelling etc.

Tahoe is a beautiful place that we are very fortunate to have seen this weekend, even more so that we were able to stay in Jason’s parents place that is right on the lake – in fact their back garden reaches down to a small beach on the shore of the lake.

En-route, we witnessed these massive machines that simply ran along the sides of the road with huge screw like teeth on the front that simply ATE their way into the banks of snow and then blew it out of the way.  These beasts would leave a 6 to 10 foot wall of snow down the side of the carriageway where they had cut into the bank.  There were some homes along the roads that quite simply were inaccessible to their owners since there would be a sizable wall of snow in their driveway.  It was actually such that when driving through the towns, you could actually NOT see the shops from the road since the wall of snow prevented visibility of the stores.

We will post some photos as soon as we get them off the cameras.

Roy and Daisy’s garden (Jason’s parents) back garden was so full of snow that the ground floor bedroom that we stayed in was actually UNDER the level of the snow – i.e. open the curtains and we just started at a 9ft snow drift !!!!

Jason (with a little help from Simon) dug out a 3foot wide and 4 / 5 foot deep track down the garden so that the kids could sledge down the small slope in the garden.  We have some video footage that we will post as Oliver LOVED sledging – to the point that he screamed when he stopped moving on the disks.

We really would like to head back when the boys are a little older so we can all learn to ski / snow board.

We came back early (we were due to stay all day today as well) because on Saturday night, the boys got about 3 hours sleep – Elliot was panicked about something and Olly just wouldn’t sleep.  Thankfully the both got a good sleep last night and will doubtlessly be getting an early night tonight as well.

Sun, sun, sun

This week, the sunshine has come back again, with the temperature surging to almost 28 degrees C on Saturday and Sunday 🙂

We have been spending a significant portion of time over the last week looking for a potential new home for the next 12 months from April onwards.  We have found that unless we go to $5,000 per month, we are unable to find the sort of place that we would like in an area that we are comfortable with 🙁

So, we are presently thinking that we will be staying in the house that we are in already, even though it does not have a garden for the boys to play in.

One of the Media Center PC’s has failed this week 🙁 It just simply fails to switch on.  Simon called Lenovo for support, expecting to have to send the machine back in at our expense for repair. To his surprise, it seems that the device came with 9 months onsite warranty service, so we are now awaiting a call from a local engineer who will schedule some time to come around to the house to fix it – YAY!!!

We experienced our first SuperBowl this weekend, and we did so at Roy and Daisy’s amazing pad in Saratoga.  Olly just wanted to check out their pool, adding weight to the decision that we will NOT look for a house with a pool (assuming that we do continue to search for a house of course).  Elly on the other hand actually wanted to go out into the garden to play football – well football with a ball shaped like a rugby ball 🙂

We have also decided to buy an XBOX 360 with the Kinect technology – that way we can all join in family games but we can also get exercise games etc as well – should be fun….

Simon heads to the UK for 4 days on Sunday, so a short weekend is coming up.