Nice loooonnnnng weekend

Daddy had another day off work today, so we lounged around this morning and then head out for a bike ride (Elly is not doing too bad on his bike – hea just needs to learn to concentrate more and look where he is going – he tends to want to look back to ensure that he is “winning” and consequently falls off 🙁 ) and play in the park this afternoon.  We have had a nice family meal tonight and will be cracking open some Champagne later – we have taken receipt of a nice little earner from the sale of some stock last week.  Simon has his eye on a nice IWC watch, Vicky a new bag and a bigger diamond ring 🙂 and the boys some cash to build out their wealth a little.

Check out this dude – he was NOT impressed when the run came to an end – screamed with delight ALL the way down the run as well 🙂

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