Big day today – Elly’s first day at school, US stuff arrives and Bruce still not right…

As the subject suggests, today has been a big day.

Elliot has enjoyed his first full day at St Hilda’s school in Horbury – see photos below for his uniform etc.

We also took Olly for his induction into Nursery as his first day will be tomorrow 🙂 Olly is SO in need of going – he really did not want to come away again today 🙁

We have also taken delivery of the 70 boxes that we sent from California – they arrived 3 hours earlier than we were anticipating so we have managed to get some of them unboxed already.  There is a MAMOTH task ahead of us in terms of spreading the goodies around the place, as well as deciding what we probably don’t actually need here, and taking to charity shops / donating to schools etc.  The toy pile is MAHOOSIVE – big work required in there…

Finally, Vicky’s car is still not right with the plastic over thw windscreen having come off again – sadly the dealership do not seem to be taking the issues quite as seriously as we might like.  Fortunately they are seeing sense however, and are sending the chap out to the house on Wednesday to hopefully resolve it for the last time.

Sadly, only time will tell…


Welcome home Tina – and Bruce is all good :-)

We collected Tina from Sam this afternoon – she was in marvellous spirits until Simon found a pile of dog muck to drive her through – needed cleaning sadly when we got home – damned dogs!!!! grrr

Anyway, here are a couple of early phtos for your visual pleasure:

Aston Martin DB9

Martina or Tina for short :-)Oh my….

The other great news of the day is that Bruce has been given the all clear at the doc today as well (Bruce is the name that Vicky has given to the Range Rover). We collected him after collecting Tina and his hiccups are gone and his hair has been reattached and his clothes reattached properly 🙂  We just need to wait a few more days and then we will be in a position to put his new registration plate on.

Simon went along to DVLA in Leeds on Wednesday and Portia will be getting her new registration plate (VAR 625) sometime in the next 10 days, so within 2 weeks our trio will be all setup and a photoshoot will be organised 🙂

We also got Elliot’s school uniform sorted today (clearly this was way more important than car stuff and hence why we did it first) so he is all setup for school on Monday.  Fortunately Olly does not need a uniform for Nursery, else that would be a further 200UKP + needed….

Hallowe’en party tomorrow 🙂

BIG Day today !!

We are heading out early doors to get Elliot’s school uniform from Rawcliffe’s in Dewsbury so that he is all set for next week – first official day on Monday 🙂

We also have to go and collect the Range Rover from Farnells in Guisley – we have chosen to collect since we will be passing anyway (more about that in a minute) and that we would rather check out that the car is indeed fixed rather than it getting back to Ossett, only to have to go back next week….

The garage did call us last night to tell us that they had located the fault as an issue with the management system and how the engine and gearbox interact with each other.  Apparently it is a known Range Rover fault and there was a bulletin out with a software fix for it.  So it has now been “patched” and is ready to go.  The other parts had been ordered and would be fitted this very morning.  Does tend to pose the question – why did you not patch the car before selling it to us if it is a known issue of course….

Anyway, the DB9 is ready 🙂 So we are going to head to Harrogate after lunch to collect and bring her home – hence we will sort of be passing Farnells to check and hopefully collect the Sport 🙂

The garage is ready for the DB9 AND also for the delivery of US goods on Monday – we are well organised 🙂

We are having a kids Hallowe’en party tomorrow as well so we have some work to do for that also.

We still have to think about the following though:

  • Mancave
  • Driveway (to include all the way around the back of the house)
  • Fencing in front garden
  • New kitchen (poss to include dining room refurb)
  • New master bedroom
  • New dressing room (converting the old office once the mancave is in 🙂
So not much going on then….

No fun in the Range Rover….

It seems that we may have purchased a bit of a lemon with the Range Rover sadly 🙁

We noticed that at low revs the engine appears to be misfiring, and sadly this occurs on every trip that we take – hence it needs fixing.  This along with the fact that each time we start the engine, the car tells us that a service is required – this simply can’t be the case since it was only services 200 miles before we collected it.

Then to top it off, the internal trim (door seal) on one of the back doors dropped off, and the trim around the top of the windscreen (outside) started to come off on the motorway – resulting in it cracking the roof of the car 🙁

The garage are collecting the car this morning and assure us that they will get it sorted before the end of the day tomorrow.  Let’s hope that they are successful – we are very tempted to tell them to keep the car….

On a slightly more positive note, we got the call to advise us that the DB9 will be ready for collection on Friday AND that the shipment from the US will be being delivered here on Monday afternoon 🙂 We are going to have a busy weekend making room for a single garage full of gear arriving.

We also went to school today and finalised Elliot’s place – juts need to sort out a uniform now.  While we were there, we checked out Olly for a place in the nursery a couple of days a week – he LOVED it in their nursery to he point that we could not get him out without a series of tantrums.  As a result he is signed up for 2 days a week term time also 🙂 Bonus – they are both at the same school, giving mummy (and daddy while work is not on the cards) 2 days a week to do whatever 🙂