BIG Day today !!

We are heading out early doors to get Elliot’s school uniform from Rawcliffe’s in Dewsbury so that he is all set for next week – first official day on Monday 🙂

We also have to go and collect the Range Rover from Farnells in Guisley – we have chosen to collect since we will be passing anyway (more about that in a minute) and that we would rather check out that the car is indeed fixed rather than it getting back to Ossett, only to have to go back next week….

The garage did call us last night to tell us that they had located the fault as an issue with the management system and how the engine and gearbox interact with each other.  Apparently it is a known Range Rover fault and there was a bulletin out with a software fix for it.  So it has now been “patched” and is ready to go.  The other parts had been ordered and would be fitted this very morning.  Does tend to pose the question – why did you not patch the car before selling it to us if it is a known issue of course….

Anyway, the DB9 is ready 🙂 So we are going to head to Harrogate after lunch to collect and bring her home – hence we will sort of be passing Farnells to check and hopefully collect the Sport 🙂

The garage is ready for the DB9 AND also for the delivery of US goods on Monday – we are well organised 🙂

We are having a kids Hallowe’en party tomorrow as well so we have some work to do for that also.

We still have to think about the following though:

  • Mancave
  • Driveway (to include all the way around the back of the house)
  • Fencing in front garden
  • New kitchen (poss to include dining room refurb)
  • New master bedroom
  • New dressing room (converting the old office once the mancave is in 🙂
So not much going on then….

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