Welcome home Tina – and Bruce is all good :-)

We collected Tina from Sam this afternoon – she was in marvellous spirits until Simon found a pile of dog muck to drive her through – needed cleaning sadly when we got home – damned dogs!!!! grrr

Anyway, here are a couple of early phtos for your visual pleasure:

Aston Martin DB9

Martina or Tina for short :-)Oh my….

The other great news of the day is that Bruce has been given the all clear at the doc today as well (Bruce is the name that Vicky has given to the Range Rover). We collected him after collecting Tina and his hiccups are gone and his hair has been reattached and his clothes reattached properly 🙂  We just need to wait a few more days and then we will be in a position to put his new registration plate on.

Simon went along to DVLA in Leeds on Wednesday and Portia will be getting her new registration plate (VAR 625) sometime in the next 10 days, so within 2 weeks our trio will be all setup and a photoshoot will be organised 🙂

We also got Elliot’s school uniform sorted today (clearly this was way more important than car stuff and hence why we did it first) so he is all setup for school on Monday.  Fortunately Olly does not need a uniform for Nursery, else that would be a further 200UKP + needed….

Hallowe’en party tomorrow 🙂

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